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A day at Chashme Shahi – Ankush kochhar, Delhi

chashme-shahi06 October 2013 :: I started exploring Srinagar for the first time and my taxi driver said here you are Chashme Shahi (A person with Shahi Chashme or What!). I look at my dad and asked what this dad is, and he replied this is a place from where water comes for Mr. Nehru. He drinks water only and only from this place and I was shocked. I said dad u did not get anyone since morning for prank like this, he smiled and said let’s have a walk.

I entered the place and trust me that place was full of flowers. That place is also known as Mughal Gardens and it’s located in Zabarwan Range in Srinagar Kashmir. So flowers all over and they were beautiful. But trust me I was more curious about the place from where water came for Mr. Nehru.

Garden was full of fountains, flowers, trees, clouds, and I was not alone so Lots and lots of People.Lol! So at last I saw Chashme Shahi for the first time. People were all around and I saw my mother went there with a bottle and she filled the bottle with the water. And on first look I saw the bottle and on another look I saw my dad and asked (Itna ganda pani) water is not purified as the color of water was yellowish. Again my dad smiled and said have a sip (and I thought in my mind that my father must have watched some laughing channel in the morning) as he is smiling on everything I am saying.

So I drink the water and water was so refreshing, tasty, chilled that I said my dad in ears that lets open a water filling factory over here and will earn a lot. Loll… beautiful place with beautiful memories.

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