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The practice of Ekapada pranamasana has a profound effect on the body physiology and psychological well-being : Somali Fouzdar ( Yoga Expert )

Learning abilities can be enhanced when a child is properly trained into the inner conditions necessary to receive knowledge. The education system is not concerned enough with the harmonious and balanced development of the child’s personality. A child is often found struggling with the demands of mind, physical limitations and emotional conflicts. To overcome anxiety […]

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Pasteurization of Milk and its Advantages

Pasteurization of Milk and its Advantages Milk is a favourable medium for bacterial growth. Pasteurization destroys all pathogenic bacteria, including those causing typhoid, tuberculosis, diphtheria as well as yeasts and moulds. Advantages of Pasteurisation During pasteurization the nutritive value of milk is not altered to a great extent because the temperature employed is not high […]