Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt
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Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt

Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt

A seat belt, also known as a safety belt, is a vehicle safety device designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result during a collision or a sudden stop. A seat belt functions to reduce the likelihood of death or serious injury in a traffic collision by reducing the force of secondary impacts with interior strike hazards, by keeping occupants positioned correctly for maximum effectiveness of the airbag (if equipped) and by preventing occupants being ejected from the vehicle in a crash or if the vehicle rolls over. When driving, the driver and passengers are travelling at the same speed as the car. If the car suddenly stops or crashes, the driver and passengers continue at the same speed the car was going before it stopped. A seatbelt applies an opposite force to the driver and passengers to prevent them from falling out or making contact with the interior of the car.

Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt

Seat belt usage reduces the chance of traffic-related fatalities by 45 percent.

In most cases, wearing a seat belt prevents ejection from the vehicle.

Wearing a seat belt minimizes the body’s contact with the interior of the car resulting in fewer injuries.

Seat belts spread the force of impact over larger parts of the body reducing severity of injuries. Injuries sustained when not wearing a seat belt can be up to five times greater.

Average medical costs for belted drivers are 60 percent less than for unbelted drivers.Advantages of Wearing a Seat Belt



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