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AGON 5.0 – Management Fest of IIM Ranchi :: Day 2.

Ranchi, Jharkhand | September | 29, 2019 :: The day 2 of AGON 5.0 – the annual management fest of Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi witnessed a footfall of around 700 participants which included around 200 students from top B schools. Multiple rounds of screening were conducted to test the business acumen and problem solving ability of the students throughout the day. Online events attracted close to 1500 registrations. “The caselets provided is so relevant that it felt like solving a real time sustainability challenge.”, said Rahulselvan T from IIM Lucknow participating in UNGC PRME’s Parivridhi. Staying true to its theme ‘Against All Odds’ teams showcased their ability and emerged victorious against all difficulties.

The participants showed equal enthusiasm and fervour with over 12 exciting events such as ‘Cricket Mandi’ and ‘The Ultimate Battle’ by the Consulting Club, ‘Vorstand’ and ‘The Final Stint’ by HR Club, ‘Systematic Entrepreneurship’ by E-cell, ‘Mercatus’ by Finance Club, ‘Sangreal’ and ‘Ignis’ by Literary Club, ‘Squiz’ by Samarpan, ‘The Beer Game’ and ‘Bizsim’ by Sankriya, and ‘Agora’ and ‘Sab Bikta Hai’ by Marketing Club. On the previous day, IIM Ranchi successfully completed Day 1 of AGON 5.0 with over 10 events conducted by the nine student bodies. The day saw participants from various B schools across the nation such as XLRI, IIM Lucknow, FMS Delhi, IIM UDAIPUR, XIMB, NTPC, SPIT, FORE School of Management, NMIMS and IRMA who engaged in competitions such as Encase, Marcase, Plutus, Crack the Case, Terranullius, Symvolous, Samadhan, and Maneuver throughout the day. The evening brought new exciting competitions and games such as Parividhi by UNGC PRME body of IIM Ranchi and Terra Nullius (Literature) that were held at Suchna Bhawan. At Khelgaon, events such as ‘Sab Bikta Hai’ – an on spot ad-making bonanza sponsored by One plus, Empire – a life size monopoly with a twist engaged the students into a night filled with fun, laughter and memories. The students enjoyed playing online and offline poker as Poker Night sponsored by ‘9 Stacks’ with ?10,000 as prize money. The evening was followed into a movie night, organized by the literary club of IIM Ranchi.

The winners and runner-ups of ‘Systematique Entrepreneurship’ are team Specable from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai and M-Eureka from IIM Ranchi, winning a total cash prize of ?25000, the winners and runner-ups of ‘Vorstand 6.0’ are team Ranchi Rockers and M-Chai Lovers from IIM Ranchi, winning a total cash prize of ?20000, the winners and runner-ups of ‘Mercatus’ are team Exergy and Predictably Irrational from IIM Ranchi, winning a total cash prize of ?32000 and the winners and runner-ups of ‘Cricket Mandi’ are team Apex Predators and Triology from IIM Ranchi and winning a total cash prize of ?17000. Many events are still going on at IIM Ranchi and students’ ‘Josh’ seems to be invigorating with passing time as we approach to the closure of this year’s Agon 5.0.

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