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Alarm Monitoring System

Alarm Monitoring System —
Composed of a series of devices that detect unauthorized entry,
an Alarm Monitoring System sends a signal to a
central monitoring station when it detects intrusion.
These nationwide monitoring centers provide continuous service –
24X7 – 365 days and will alert local police to dispatch authorities
to the scene as necessary.

Each Alarm Monitoring System features
a set of standard equipment that watches over your business
and helps prevent serious theft and damage.

Conventional Fire Alarm System –
This type of Fire Alarm System detects the fire zone wise and activates the alarm on detection. Maximum 20 detectors can be considered in one zone. This is very cost effective solution and generally installed in the small commercial premises .These Panel has got only relay outputs and only used for ON/OFF operations ( limited capacity).

Addressable Fire Alarm System –
This type of Fire Alarm System detects the fire detector wise and gives the indication of the particular detector area on the fire panel. The addressable system has the capacity for integration with Access Control System, Public Address System, CCTV System, HVAC and also BMS Systems.

Semi Addressable Fire Alarm System –
This type of Fire Alarm Systems has capacity to have combination of Conventional and Addressable type fire detectors. These systems are very cost effective but used where old conventional systems needs to be converted into addressable type without much of changes in the cabling.

Sprinkler System –
These are water based suppression systems and used in the areas like passages, lobbies and other common areas. Since water is suppressor so these systems cannot be used in the server room /work stations areas. These systems are mainly integrated with Fire Alarm System so that in case of fire the area should be sprinkled with water to suppress the fire.Hydrant System –
These are the system which are used for the main water line with tapping at each floor of commercial or residential complexes and these system mainly used in case of emergency fire detected in the premises and used to suppress the fire until the situation will be taken over by Fire Brigade.

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