Anand Amembal - Mumbai.
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Anand Amembal – Mumbai.

Anand Amembal - Mumbai.1. Title of the Photo :: Romantic Interludes ….
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Kanyakumari
3. Photographer’s Name :: Anand Amembal
4. Camera Used :: Nikon Coolpix 4300
5. Country  :: India
6. State ::
7. City :: Mumbai
8. Category of the Photo :: Nature
9. Your Social Sites Link ::
10. About Photo :: A unique place where both sunrise and sunset are seen. Kanyakumari is the southernmost tip of India where 3 seas meet. In the middle of the Indian Ocean is this beautiful structure – The Vivekananda Rock Memorial and a large statue of the Tamil poet Thiruvallavur. This beautiful sunrise has been shot from a watchtower on the beach of Kanyakumari.