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Awareness rally for ‘Cashless Hindustan’ in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur cashlessJamshedpur, Jharkhand | January | 07, 2017 :: Faith in India activists takes out a awareness rally for ‘Cashless Hindustan’ in Jamshedpur on Saturday. “Faith in India, a non-governmental organization under the banner of a small group of housewives without any noise – loud in the slums cashless business’ quiet revolution is giving rise to Faith, said the secretary of India Anamika Majumdar. The first fortnight of the month in the institution in Jamshedpur public – awareness “Our self – cashless Hindustan ‘program will be held in which the chief guest will be the Chief Minister Raghubar Das in this program, dance, song – music and drama, through the merits and benefits of cashless business people to be exposed.

The thing is that this group of women, particularly those from the business cashless small – medium businesses and housewives Adding pedestrian, whom the country’s largest – a large group of older economists and politicians believe that this class of cashless campaign can not quite it is also the class that will be caused by the failure of the cashless campaign .

Anamika Majumdar, secretary of the institution is leading the campaign. At present, the campaign Jamshedpur constituency of Chief Minister Raghuvar Das Brmamains like Surendranagar and slums began to spread across the state and the campaign plan. “Faith in India, using a new dance – song – music and acting have made their operations carrier. The campaign is due to be put to the popular taste of people are joining this fast and cashless business is becoming increasingly popular in the slums of Jamshedpur. Approximately over 5000 people have joined this Kaslesh programme said Anamika.


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