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CME by Ranchi Obstetric and Gynaecological Society [ ROGS ] on Diabetes during Pregnancy

Ranchi, 02 September 2012 ::  CME by Ranchi Obstetric and Gynaecological Society [ ROGS ] was held in Hotel Radisson Blu, Faculties were Dr. Shobha Chakraborty, Dr. Praveen Shankar, Dr. Sanjay Roy.
They discussed the Diabetes during pregnancy. Blood sugar test should be done in all women when they first came for checkup and in between 24-28 wks of pregnancy. Now the oral antibiotic drugs can also be used during pregnancy. Previously only insulin was used in pregnancy. Risk to baby is also risk.
The meeting was  attended by Dr. Karuna Jha, President
Dr Anjana Jha, Secretary
Dr Suman Sinha, Dr Manju Mishra, Dr Nivedita & Dr Neelam Saxena etc.

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