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Confluence – 2015 :: Diamond Jubilee with an Alumni meet of  XISS on 6th and 7th of November 2015.


XISSRanchi, Jharkhand | November | Wednesday | 04, 2015 :: On the completion of 60 years of service to the Nation, the Institute is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee with an Alumni meet on 6th and 7th November, 2015 under Confluence – 2015. Unlike other alumni associations our alumni through its strong network are already involved in taking even small steps in order to make a difference in ordinary people’s lives. Besides, addressing the problems pertaining to the people dimension of the industry, the members have been exploring the challenging areas of involvement and inviting stronger networking to ensure justice and human dignity to the voiceless and poor of our country. According to Fr. Alex Ekka, Director, XISS, during this two-day programme our alumni would attempt to deepen awareness of its members’ responsibility to build a more just and humane society. Keeping in line with “giving back to the society”, this meet is also expected to enthuse the graduates of this Institute for greater volunteerism, personal and corporate social responsibility and service to the society and nation at large, said Fr. Ranjit P. Toppo, Assistant Director of the Institute.


Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS): A Jesuit B-School in the Service to the Nation since 1955

Jesuits are known for their unique education system world over. In India, they have been engaged in providing education since sixteenth century with the coming of St. Francis Xavier to Goa in 1542. They have always tried to make the education system relevant to the actual needs of the country for the majority of the people and not just for the rich and the powerful.

In Jharkhand, XISS is one of the oldest B-Schools that started preparing HR and RMprofessionals since 1955 to address the problems pertaining to the people working in the industry and various organizations. Later on, IT, Marketing and Finance departments were also incorporated. In the last 60 years, XISS has carved a niche for itself in the cutting edge areas of management education, rural development, social research, consultancy, training and development interventions. As a premier management school today, XISS caters to the human resource requirements of the industries, information technology sector and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the institute has grown as an important resource centre for the development sector in this region.

Though XISS is mainly known for its academic professionalism, and nurturing the professionals with a difference, it has been preparing students as responsible citizens having will and character who through social initiatives and involvement express their solidarity with the poor. In other words, XISS seeks to form ‘persons for others’ with a particular concern for the least or the deprived of the society. True to its name, the Institute has been rendering ‘social service’ to the people and society at large both through professional careers and through many outreach programmes in the last 60 years.


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