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Corona Lockdown : Please stay at Home and stay safe : Amit ( California, USA )

California, USA | March | 27, 2020 : My name is Amit and we are living in Sunnyvale, California. I would like to express my gratitude towards every sensible Indians, who stayed in their home on 22nd March for 14 hours. Good move by all but still lots of similar move are required from every one of country. We are living in Bay area and near San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View and 45 miles away from San Francisco. We are at our home just like in isolation or say self-quarantine mode from last three weeks. All the non-essential services are in shutdown state, employees are doing WFH, Bars, Restaurant, Pizza-Burgers eateries, Saloons, Events, Get togethers, Schools, Colleges, Universities, major/minor Tourist spots, etc.(list is long) are closed for indefinite timelines. Nobody knows when the normalcy will start. Except grocery, Gas stations, Medical stores all are closed. We have already stocked our kitchen items related Ration for 2 months but still we are going out to stores once in week or 10 days for items like Milk, Vegetables, Fruits purchasing. We all are keeping our house always neat and clean with disinfectant wipes and doing regular hand wash and using Sanitizers. With having disposable gloves, we are going out in Car(avoiding walking) we are using wipes to clean Car handle then after coming out from stores again we are wiping our car handle with disinfectant wipes. In common area of Apartment like Laundry room, we are taking precaution too. Using lift also we are taking all sorts of measures and precautions. All of us are avoiding as much as possible going out of house. Staying at home, watching Netflix, playing games with kids, drawing/painting/cooking etc. along with WFH. Most of the required stuff, We also purchased through online stores like Amazon, eBay two/three weeks back. Sometimes always the thinking comes in our mind when this dark cloud of COVID-19 will be over and getting frustration too, but no choice is there but must stay safe and indoor as much as possible. Even small sneeze or cough of family members strike straight on our mind. Govt is taking all possible steps to ensure the spread should not get out of control, but even after that the growth is exponential and not declining. We are hoping to see flat curve of number of cases per day wise and overall wise, but still we are in the phase of getting it into peak by April mid or End. Always Keeping eyes on news channel CDC Website, State Govt news update regarding any new rules/regulation getting announced. USA along with Germany, UK, France etc. are although technology wise its very ahead of other countries, but the rate of spread is still a very much hope of all to get confined with a flat curve. Amazon Prime is now a days taking 5-7 days in delivering the products for prime members, eBay, Amazon are out of Sanitizers, Mask of normal and N95. Kitchen towels, Toilet Tissues are out of market and the moments it comes in big stores got disappeared very quickly. Now a days we are scaring to use shopping cart too. On the road, hardly we are seeing any traffic. Hardly anybody can see 7-12 cars from Sunnyvale to SFO which is a Stretch of 45 miles. Gas prices are going down because of complete lockdown state of most of the state of USA. We are just staying in a self-imposed home quarantine like environment to save our lives along with other lives. Always we are hearing sort of news that in nearby area, someone got infected by it..went in ICU..has confirmed case…These type of news are coming in very rapid pace. Even we fear going to grocery store to buy essential things, who knows somebody did coughing nearby the products of shelves. Its complete scaring scenario here outside the home. At the end only I have to say that, please stay safe and stay inside. Self-awareness along with spreading knowledgeable awareness is very important. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I may have missed my other experience to describe here because of may be some scenario and situation. PLEASE STAY AT HOME AND STAY SAFE !!

Amit Shrivastava
working Cisco Software Co in California,USA

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