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Donate your old working PC to those who need it most.

Most of you must have un-used old PC at your home. Forgotten and ignored, these machine are slowly becoming junk and if you try to sell it you wont get anything accept few pennies, still your PC will be sent in junk yard and became another rotten piece of electronic junks.

Friends if you deprived your PC just because you purchased a latest machine then nothing can be better than donating these old working PCs to needy students and organisations who will utilize your old machine in different social and educational purposes. is an initiative by a group of software engineers leading by Mr Ankur Mehrotra, who come up with this great idea while he was working on his MBA project. is a platform for both donor and beneficiary and so far they have donated more than a dozen PC to several schools and organisations but still they require at least 150 PC which is been requested by several NGO and schools from across india.

A common man like me and you can participate in two different ways, one as a donor or as a volunteer. On you can either donate complete PC or Peripherals. Your contribution will be published on their website, need not to mention that you will be informed about beneficiary who will be benefited by your donation.

As volunteer you can represent this group in your city. Main role of volunteer is to involve between donor and beneficiary so the donated PCs reach to most needy organisations. Please visit their website to see how you can contribute as volunteers.

Friends its time to bridge the immense Digital Gap between our world and the world which still dream of computers, who know we can have next Azim Premji or Narayan Murthy from the slums of this nation.

Vikash Tiwary

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