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How to easily import contacts from FaceBook, Gmail, Hotmail and Orkut

For various reasons you may require to download the entire contact list of your different web accounts which include FaceBook, Google, Orkut and Hotmail. Some of these websites allow you to download your contacts but some really don’t have any such service, for these cases you may use a Yahoo Address Book to fetch your contacts it simple and easy way.

1. Login to using yahoo Id

2. Now Click on Tools -> Import

3. On next screen you can select from which service you want to fetch all contact

Select the site, you want to download all contact from

Once you click on any of above site then it will ask for credential of that site, after credential verification it display list of contact and allow you to download all or selected contacts.

4. Goto Tools-> Export, to export all the contact you just imported from various websites

You can exports these contacts in several formats like CSV, similarly you can also synchronize these contact with your local mail client such as Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird

Vikash Tiwary.

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