Faculty Development Programme on Administrative Systems of India
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Faculty Development Programme on Administrative Systems of India

Faculty Development Programme on Administrative Systems of India  Faridabad, 20 February 2015 :: Manav Rachna has taken quality education to the next level by establishing the Manav Rachna Academic Staff College ( MRASC ), a Nodal Centre aimed at providing facilities for promotion of education and advancement of learning. As part of its initiative to generate awareness among faculty and staff, MRASC organized a Faculty Development Program ( FDP ) on the Administrative Systems of India.
Attended by several senior dignitaries including Dr N.C. Wadhwa ( Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna International University–MRIU ), Prof. V.K. Mahna ( Pro-Vice Chancellor—MRIU ), Dr R.K. Mittal ( Professor and Dean, School of Management Studies, GGSIP University), Brig S.N. Setia ( Executive Director, MRASC ), Col. V.K. Gaur ( Advisor, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions ), Prof. Suresh Bedi ( Dean, Faculty of Computer Applications, MRIU) , Prof.Umesh Kalra ( Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Humanities and Media Studies, MRIU ) and Prof. Anil Sarin, among others, the FDP gave Manav Rachna’s Faculty from diverse disciplines an in-depth overview of the Administrative Systems of India.Faculty Development Programme on Administrative Systems of IndiaIn his welcome address, Brig S.N. Setiapointed out examples of institutions closing down because of poor quality of Education and therefore, inability to enroll students. He re-emphasized on the need of attaining higher quality of education. He also briefed the gathering on the objectives of MRASC.
Dr Suresh Bedi said, “This FDP will helpfaculty members to develop an inter-disciplinary approach that would greatly contribute towards their holistic development, which in effect, would also reflect upon the students and enrich their existing knowledge”.
Addressing the Faculty members, Dr N.C. Wadhwa, with his vast experience in the administrative services, held forth on the administrative systems in India, its history and transition from being a police state to a welfare state. He also spoke about statutory constitutional bodies/offices and the main functions of the central government. Dr Wadhwa said, “India can become a super power with optimum utilization of resources available to us.”Faculty Development Programme on Administrative Systems of IndiaProfessor Mahna while discussing on the system of governance in India emphasized upon the need to “strategize” and “dwell upon effective management systems”, citing USSR’s failure to survive because of a lack of proper governance.
Prof. R.K. Mittal spoke about the Budget—its various components, concepts and terminologies. He also discussed about the history and financial implications of the budget adding that India needs to work on its governance system for it to emerge as a super power nation.
The FDP had succeeded in taking the Faculty beyond their specific domains into the larger canvas of India’s governance system, stimulating their intellect and paving the way for a fulfilling interactive session on an issue of national significance.

Report & Photographs by Naresh Narula, Faridabad.

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