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Force Gurkha : Built for War.

Lens Eye - News Portal -Force Gurkha : Built for War.Ranchi, 29 April 2013 :: Force has unveiled, Gurkha – Built for war, world’s first E.O.V Extreme Off-roader Vechicle. It is armed with a powerful Mercedes derived turbo charged Engine, differential locks on both front & rear axles to conqure any terrain and snorked intake to wade through water.

Features Of Gurkha :

* 4WD [ Wheel Drive ]  with Differential Lock on Both Axles.
* Highest Ground Clearence.
* Snorkel Intake – Breathes High Altitude fresh Air.
* Hard Top with AC.
* Designed to take on the Extremes.
* Gradability.
* Comfort &
* Styling.

Engine : Gurkha is powered by 2.6 litre TD 2650 Mercedes OM616 derived direct injection, turbo-intercolled disel engine developing 82 Ps at 3200rpm and class leading 230Nm torque at 1800-2000rpm. The Gurkha has ample reserve power to negotiate the toughest of terains.
Transmission : The Engine is merged with the proven 5 speed Mercedes G1-18 derived synchomesh gear Box with overdrive Known for effortless gear shifting and trouble free performance.

Axles : Full floating sturdy axles in the rear and independent axles in the front. The front Hub assembly has a unique arrangement of large capacity bearing with collapsible bush in the between them. This design is proven for its longevity and no adjustment is requried for bearing play.

Chassis : A Tough Tubular chassis with reinforced cross members and Body support Brackets on each side enable the Gurkha to withstand the extreme torsional stresses that the vechicle is subject ti in off road conditions.

Brakes : The Gurkha has fail safe, dual circuit, Hydraulic vaccum assited Twin pot 4 Piston Calliper disc brakes in the front & Drum Brakes in the rear that ensure sure stop braking. The Auto wear adjustor and Load Conscious Regulating Valve [ LRCV ] ensure consistent braking performance throughout the life of the brake linings and irrepective of the road and load conditions.

Colour : Gurkha is provided with Copper Red, Dragon Green & Matt Black Colour.

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