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Former vice chairman of state minority commission in Railway Passenger Service Committee

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | July | 25, 2021 :: Former vice chairman of state minority commission in Jharkhand Gurvinder Singh Sethi will now take care of railway passengers’ service.

The Ministry of Railways have nominated him one of the 25 members of the Passenger Service Committee to look into the various aspects of catering, vending, stalls, book stalls and tourists information centre besides others. He is the only member from Jharkhand.

The resolution was taken by the railway board on July 21.

Contacted Sethi, who at present is a member of Gurunanak Hospital management committee in the city, for his comment he said it will be a new assignment for him and he was very much enthusiastic about it.

“Every assignment is important to me. I thank our Prime Minister and Railway Minister who gave me new responsibility. I will happily carry out my responsibility and leave no stone unturned to provide a better service to railway passengers,” Sethi, a senior BJP leader in the state, said.

As the matter reached before the BJP workers they celebrated the nomination and honoured Sethi with a bouquet, book and garland.

As a member of the Passenger Service Committee, Sethi, who earlier used to look in the matter of minority, will be able to review the size, design and location of catering, vending stalls, trolleys and all other stalls, PCO, STD booths and recommend measures for standardization of design, size as well as the location to ensure that they not only match with aesthetics of the station but also take up minimum space and do not create hindrance to movement.


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