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Fulfilling hope of villagers through “Gramino ki aas, MNREGA se Vikas” campaign


? Fulfilling hope of villagers through “Gramino ki aas, MNREGA se vikas” campaign
? The campaign generated 3.24 crores man-days of work
? Women’s participation was huge during the campaign

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | March | 05, 2022 ::
Integrated development of rural areas is one of the top priorities of the State Government. According to the Socio Economic and Caste Census, more than 53 percent of the rural families of Jharkhand come under the category of deprived households. The livelihood and source of income of the deprived households depends to a great extent on the various schemes of the government. In order to address this situation, the State Government implemented the “Gramino ki aas, MNREGA se vikas” campaign in 150 selected blocks. Panchayats, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations and Women groups of these blocks were roped in to ensure maximum participation of rural households, women and SC / ST families.
The campaign was run from 22 September to 15 December 2021 in the 150 identified blocks. The purpose of the campaign was to organize Employment Day and Gram Sabha at regular intervals, to provide timely employment to all the interested families, increase the participation of women and SC / ST category workers, increase in average man-days per family, issue and renewal of job cards, Verification of job cards, implementation of 5-6 schemes on an average in each village/tola at all times, completion of old schemes already in progress, approval of adequate schemes in each Gram Panchayat, 100% engagement for MNREGA Women Mate, Uploading the attendance of workers by Mate through NMMS platform, GIS based planning and execution of cases detected during social audit and recovery amount were ensured under the campaign.

* 100 days of employment received

A total of 36245 families got 100 days of employment during this 100 Days Employment Campaign, which is 75.4% of the families who have worked for 100 days so far. A total of 1.50 lakh schemes were completed during the campaign which is 36.80% of the completed schemes. Along with this, 43366 previous schemes have been completed. Progress was also recorded in generating average man-days in the campaign. Average man-days per family increased from 32.29 to 37.21.

GIS based plan prepared in Panchayats

During the campaign, GIS based planning was prepared for a total of 3031 gram panchayats, with the plans of 2900 gram panchayats getting approved by the districts. Along with providing job cards to a total of 22309 families with forest rights lease, 5432 families have benefited under MNREGA with benefits reaching at the individual level.

3.24 crore man-days generated

3.24 crore man-days have been generated during the campaign which amounts to 36% of the total man-days generated. 1.54 lakh man-days were generated by women during the campaign, which is 48% of the man-days generated during the campaign. With this women’s participation increased by 1.20%.

Participation of Scheduled Tribe workers increased by 0.56%

Under the campaign, a total of 78.83 lakh man-days were generated by workers belonging to the the Scheduled Tribes category, which is 24.35% of the total man-days created. This indicates an increase of 0.41% in participation. A total of 31.78 lakh man-days were generated by workers belonging to the Scheduled Caste category, which is 9.82% of the total man-days created, registering an increase of 0.56% in participation

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