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The practice of Ekapada pranamasana has a profound effect on the body physiology and psychological well-being : Somali Fouzdar ( Yoga Expert )

Learning abilities can be enhanced when a child is properly trained into the inner conditions necessary to receive knowledge.

The education system is not concerned enough with the harmonious and balanced development of the child’s personality.

A child is often found struggling with the demands of mind, physical limitations and emotional conflicts.

To overcome anxiety and promote stress free learning, physical and mental training of a child is of great importance.

Harmonizing the dissipations of physical and mental energies helps to relieve anxiety and increase stability and personal equilibrium for fuller expression of body and soul.

Balancing asanas can be suitably taught in the classroom setting as the postures need less space and can be done conveniently.

The practice of Ekapada pranamasana- one legged pose has a profound effect on the body physiology and psychological well-being.

It improves concentration and willpower.

It reinforces all the postural muscles, strengthens bones and entire legs.

It stimulates many areas of the brain and balances the nervous system.

This practice is done on each leg, first on the right side and then on the left side.

It affects the musculoskeletal system, improving coordination and synchronization between different parts of the body.

It helps to cope with the excited and hyperactive mind of a child and make the mind more compatible to the environment around them.

It also helps to overcome low self-esteem by raising the mental awareness of the child to the present, making the mind alert and dynamic.

This practice brings awareness of the present moment, the physical state, breath rhythm and extended awareness of inner physiological state and sensory inputs.

Sustained practice improves physical strength, focus and mental power.

Technique : Stand upright with the feet together and the arms relaxed by the sides.

Look at a fixed point in front of the body. Bend the right leg and grasp the ankle.

Place the sole of the foot on the inside of the left thigh close to the perineum.

The right knee should be bent and pointed out to the side.

Balance the body, place the hands in a prayer position in front of the chest.

Hold the position for a minute or two.

Breathe normally throughout the practice. Release the hands and then the foot. Relax completely in the upright pose, and perform on the other side.


Somali Fouzdar

Yoga Teacher,

Bihar School of Yoga Certified

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