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Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University :: Webinar on World Photography Day

Delhi | August  | 19, 2021 ::  19th August is celebrated as ‘World Photography Day’ all over the world. This day is dedicated to those photographers who captured some special moments in pictures and made them memorable forever.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi organized a webinar on this occasion of World Photography Day, in which India’s Youngest Wildlife Photographer Master Jivitesh Singh was invited. This is the first time ever that such a young child, age 14 has been invited as the speaker. Apart from Jivitesh Singh, photojournalist Mr. Sujan Singh and cinematographer Mr. Rajan Layalpuri also participated in this webinar and shared their experience and knowledge with the public.

Under the direction of Shri SS Dogra ji, all the information related to photography was provided in this webinar with the help of guest speakers. The program is well conducted by Deepti Madam. Shri Rajan Layalpuri shared all the information related to his field and answered the questions of people. He shared the techniques and tools which are being used in their field of photography with the audience.

Jivitesh Singh also shared his experiences and the difficulties faced in the journey of his photography field while answering the questions of all the people. On demand of the public, he shown his clicked photographs which were highly appreciated by the audience. He requested the audience to motivate their children towards nature and encourage them to adopt photography as their passion or hobby. He also shared if they adopt photography as their hobby, it will not only give them an opportunity to know nature closely but it they will be benefited in form of good health too. In Wildlife photography, it involves walking for many kilometres, which will not only provide more oxygen to the people but will also provide benefit to the movement of joints and bones. Be aware that Jivitesh Singh is the Youngest Wildlife Photographer of India. Apart from this, he has also won many awards at the national and international level. He is always ready to contribute towards nature awareness.

Congratulating everyone on the World Photography Day, Jivitesh Singh said that only with the help of photography, the best moments of life can be captured and stored through photos and those moments can be cherished anytime in future.

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