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 I just ran my 365th mile in my A Year of Running challenge : Mark Zuckerberg.

MarkJuly | Thursday| 14, 2016 :: Founder of Facebook Inc,  Mark Zuckerberg  updated his facebook account and announced that, I just ran my 365th mile in my A Year of Running challenge.
This has been more fun than I expected — mostly because a few friends are doing it with me. One friend’s New Years challenge was to run one more mile than however many miles I run. I’m pretty competitive, so that’ll keep me going.

It’s inspiring to see so many people in our community join as well. Our Year of Running group has more than 100,000 people and every day people share amazing stories of how running helped them get in shape, how the discipline helped get their life on track, or just how they ran a race they never thought they’d be able to do.

I started off the year only running a few miles at a time. Now I can go out and run 20 miles on a Sunday morning and feel pretty good. I’ve also worked on speed, and my fastest mile so far is 5:53.

I’ve found running is a great way to clear my head, to get more energy and to find time to think about challenges I’m working through at Facebook and our philanthropy. When I’m traveling, running is a great way to explore a new city and kick jet lag before a packed day of meetings.

I find these yearly challenges always take me in unexpected directions. Now, I’m doing a triathlon. Rather than trying to run even longer distances, I decided to add some biking and swimming into the mix. I’m lucky enough to have a few friends doing this with me too.

Triathlon training is slow so far. After getting a road bike, on my first ride I forgot to unclip my feet from the pedals, fell over, and broke my arm. It’s not bad, but I can’t bike or swim for a few months, so I’m back to running!

My other personal challenge for the year is building an AI to help control my home — like Jarvis in Ironman. I’m making good progress and I’ll show you what I’ve built soon.

How’s everyone else feeling? Thanks to all of you who are doing this challenge with me, and good luck out there!

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