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IIM Ranchi Celebrated 72nd Republic Day

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | January  | 26, 2021 :: IIM Ranchi celebrated 72nd Republic Day at its permanent campus. Prof. Shailendra Singh, Director, IIM Ranchi hoisted the National Flag which was followed by National Anthem. Prof. Singh addressed the faculty, students and staff who were present physically and connected through virtual mode.

Prof. Singh said, “This day is meant to thank our defence forces, who are standing rock solid at the border and protecting us. It is because of them that we can sleep peacefully in our houses.

It is the day to thank the farmers for feeding each mouth of the country. Due to them, we don’t sleep hungry.

The year 2020 has been a year full of hardships. We have lost many souls throughout, many people have gotten sick. We thank all the front line workers and volunteers for working tirelessly for us to be healthy.

Thanks to scientists and volunteers’ indomitable hard work because of whom, today we have Covid-19 vaccines, and it is available for us to use.”

Prof. Singh administered pledge on The Fundamental Duties mentioned under Article 51 (A) in the Indian Constitution.

The program ended with cultural programs like patriotic songs and monoact by students.

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