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IIM Ranchi celebrated closing ceremony of Vigilance Awareness Week

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | November  | 03, 2020 :: IIM Ranchi celebrated the closing ceremony of Vigilance Awareness Week. Prof. Shailendra Singh, Director, IIM Ranchi addressed faculty, staff and students. He said,”It is important to introduce honest mindset replacing corrupt mindset”.He further added that we should be responsible in our actions so that values like transparency, accountability and honesty can breed out of our good and honest actions.

The Chief Guest on the occasion, Shri Upkar Kumar Kedia, Chief Vigilance officer, MECON Limited, Ranchi, addressed the audience and said ,”The more vgilant society will lead to less corruption,” he also added that vigilance is not just confined to higher authorities but in an educational institute it is also the duty of students to be responsible in their actions.

The event ended with the result announcement of Deabate Competition held during the Vigilance Awareness Week on the topic “A Corruption-free India is a myth.”

The winners were as follows:

? Shaloo Bhansali- 1st Position

? Mary Shannan- 2nd Position
? Ananya Das-2nd Position

? Sreeja Shambhavi- 3rd Position
? M. Gayathri-3rd Position


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