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IIM Ranchi :: Walkathon 2020

Ranchi, Jharkhand | February | 02, 2020 :: The United Nations Global Compact – Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNGC PRME) Steering Committee, IIM Ranchi in association with RUSH Organizing Team – proudly organized “WALKATHON 2020”, in which the residents of National Games Housing Complex, Khelgaon, and students of IIM Ranchi walked shoulder to shoulder, chanting slogans for relevant causes related to child labor, child trafficking and saving the girl child. The event took place on the second day of RUSH – the annual sports and cultural fest of IIM Ranchi – from 9 AM to 11 AM.

The Chief Guest of honor on the momentous occasion was Dr. Randhir Kumar, National President, National Human Rights Crime Control Bureau, along with Mr. Ravindra Nath Bhagat, President, National Games Khelgaon Housing Complex, Prof. Rohit Kumar, professor, Strategic Management at IIM Ranchi, and Mr. Satish Kumar, Senior Administrative Officer of IIM Ranchi.

In his opening speech, Dr.Randhir Kumar said, ‘We need to know why trafficking is still prevalent in the country; perhaps the reasons can be attributed to unemployment and improper education that provoke people to undertake such heinous measures. We need to know the real reason behind the occurrence of events and then do our share in order to solve the issue’. On the other hand, Mr. Ravindra Bhagat said in his remark, ‘Child trafficking is the third most significant organized crime after drugs and smuggling. We Indians do not look for the root cause, it’s a part of our DNA, but it’s going to change today.’ He addressed students of IIM and said, ‘You understand the world better than most, you see the world through a different lens. You are entrepreneurs, and you must take the next big step to root out the problem of child trafficking.’ Prof. Rohit Kumar addressed the students and said, ‘It’s important for young students to collaborate and involve with institutes that work towards sustainable development and, in the process, learn many things.’
Mr. Satish Kumar was present at the ceremony, and he also reiterated to the students and the residents of Khelgaon, ‘Life is stressful for people all ages and all sections of the society, an insidious mental strain that prevails like a pandemic. The initiative of UNGC-PRME is a retreat from the day-to-day life and spend some time to device the roadmap to tackle the real problem, which is the to ensure that companies perform the corporate social responsibility, and contribute to our society by giving something back.
The program ended with two socially relevant and high on energy Street plays from the finalist team ‘Dramebaaz-IIM Ranchi’ and team ‘Aawaz- XISS,’ which were well received and appreciated by all the members and guests present.

IIM Ranchi through ‘Walkathon 2020’ took one more step forward to prove it’s the commitment towards sustainable growth and fight against the social evils prevalent. A prolific start to day 2 of RUSH 5.0.

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