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IIM Ranchi’s webinar on ‘Model Gaon’

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | October  | 01, 2021 :: On the eve of Gandhi Jayanti, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre for Leadership, Policy, and Governance, IIM Ranchi, conducted a webinar titled ‘Model Gaon’ scheduled on Friday, October 1, 2021, from 04:00 to 05:00 pm.

The speaker for the webinar is Dr. Heera Lal (IAS)-Additional Mission Director, NHM-UP, Honorary Consultant-Model Gaon.

Prof. Shailendra Singh, Hon’ble Director, IIM Ranchi, graced the occasion. He said IIM Ranchi has 3 Centres of Learning like ABVCLPG (Atal Bihari Vajpayee Centre for Leadership, Policy, and Governance), BMCTA (Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs), and IIM Ranchi-Happiness Club. IIM Ranchi, through the MGNF program, will be looking after two states, i.e., Jharkhand and Tamil Nadu. Prof. Aditya Shankar Mishra spoke that IIM Ranchi, under the initiative of Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan, has adopted the village named ‘Rasabeda’ and worked for the village’s good. Prof. Saakshi welcomed the speakers, and Prof. Angshuman Hazarika coordinated the Questions and Answers Session.

Model Gaon was inspired by the idea of Gram Swaraj of Mahatma Gandhi, who considered villages as the lifeline of the economy. He said how Gandhiji, Gaon, Government, and Governance are inter-related to each other.

Model Gaon is a social company that works on different ideas and sells social products to the public. The profit of ‘Model Gaon’ is to improve the condition of the general masses by promoting welfare, happiness, and economic development. The pillars of Model Gaon are farmers, panchayats, women, youth.

‘Model Gaon,’ through its manifesto, aims for the overall development of citizens. The manifesto focuses on 25 main areas like medicines, solar energy, employment, and many others. The Model Gaon concept is not only the resurrection of the old village panchayats but the new formation of independent village units in the present-day world. The change-makers of Model Gaon promote the conversion of every village into a self-efficient autonomous entity where all the systems and facilities for a dignified living are available.

To conclude, we can say that, throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi emphasized the importance of the village. The preservation and strengthening of village independence will solve most of India’s socio-economic and political ills. It is not just a change in the physical look of the village; it involves the total transformation of the outlook of the people living there.

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