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My First AIR Journey

I still rembember my early train travels, when I was very much excited to see the train and I also rembember that at night , I could not sleep due to the loud noise of the train. But as the time passed, I am so used to, with the train journey that now a days I am having a sound sleep during my train journey.

Few days ago I had a Golden chance to have a experience of Air journey.The journey was from Bangalore to Kolkatta via a domestic Air lines. I had only seen the Aeroplanes flying in air, this was a great Historical moment for me to fly with it.

My flight was at 9.15am and I with my friend decided to check out at 6 am as airport was very far from the Host House. I woke up early in morning but my friend told me that the flight had delayed & now its at 11.55. I got relaxed but I was ready for the journey. My Host informed the Taxi wala for the delayed journey and requested to come at 8am but the gentleman driver came at 9.30.

He told that all the main roads of the city are jampacked & now we will move through a short cut bye pass road.He took the car at a high speed as the time was less & we had to cover a long distance Few kilometers before the Airport, driver suddenly spoke that the car engine is getting hot, it seems that there is some problem in it. This statement of driver gave a fatel shock to both of us because the time was ticking fast & we had to board the craft within few minutes. We were thinking what to do suddenly the driver once again said , Sir I had not taken Fuel from four days and the car is moving continuously from that day and now its seems that the tank is going to get empty. After listening these statement we both were senseless & started rembering our god. Suddenly I saw a tower at some distance,I get relaxed because I was 100% sure that the Air port is very near & if any thing happens We can reach the destination by running, but nothing happened & we reached the Airport. After a few second we got our boarding pass. At the security check security person saw me with anger & questioned me, Where were you?, we call you thrice, come be fast. Quickly we got our security check & went for the in the Passengers Only Zone. It was a nice view inside

We were just waiting for the craft to come, I saw Passengers started to check out from the craft suddenly I saw a tall smart lady coming out. I was socked when I saw she was Usha Uthap, a famous singer. In the meanwhile she waved her hand towards me, I was filled with joy to see her after a long time. Few years back I had a photo shoot of her in my Home town.

As the craft got empty Authority started to take the passengers inside the craft, first the old & Patients then other passengers. At the gate of Craft a air hostess greeted me with a large smart smile. I was confused that how come she is familiar with me. I also gave a small smile and inside.

It was a large craft, there were three seats in a row. I was in the middle. After a few minutes a sweet girl came and sat beside me. She was listening to music with Headphone in her ears. I started to read the book provided by the craft. Then came the instruction to tighten the seat belt, in a few minutes the craft started to ran slowly in the runway & with a few turns the speed of the craft become high and in a fraction of second it took off, as the aeroplane took off, the girl beside me caught my hand and started saying that I am scared. I saw her face she was in position that just now she will start cry. I suggested to see outside the window to see how beautiful are the clouds. By changing her attention she was in normal stage & she gave me thanks to help her. In her conversatition she told me that this was her first aeroplane journey. I told her that mine is also the first experience. As we were sharing about our profession, I saw two air hostess one in the front and second in the middle started to demonstrate the safety measures.

As the destination came near, again the announcement came to fasten the seat belt as the craft was going to land. As I fastened the belt, I felt that there is a huge pain in my ears and the pain started to increase in a fast speed. I felt the my ears will blast at any time. I close my ears with my hand and shut my eyes. In a few minutes I saw the pain is decreasing and I opened my eyes & saw that the aeroplane had landed.

I stood up & reached the exist door, the same air hostess was standing on the door. In a sweet voice she told me ‘ BYE’.as again confused but I also told her Bye. Slowly we all come out of the sraft & proceede to our destination.

Really it was a memorable journay and I will rembember it for a long time.

By :
Jagdish Singh


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