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International Yoga day: Gurgaon

yoga-gurgaon Gurgaon, June 21, 2015 ::
Yoga is a journey of the self,
To the self &
Through the self
With International Yoga Day being celebrated all across the globe Gurgaon residents also celebrated this day with a lot of excitement. Laughter yoga, pranayams, stretching etc everyone took a step towards healthier oneself with this day. Weather added to the fun and joy where kids and everyone enjoyed doing yoga even when it started raining. Gurgaon Rahagiri observed a great participation by everyone on this day. The day has not only marked a history in the world but also made everyone realize that you cannot always control what goes outside, but you can always control what goes inside.


Report & Phonograph by :: Garima Sharma, Gurgaon

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