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It is important to identify the hurdles that have stopped the decision making : Sunil

Ranchi, Jharkhand | August | 10, 2020 :: TEDxKanke organized a Webinar with the title Deciding : Dream Aspirations, Success.
Speaker of the Webinar was Sunil Barnwal, IAS, 1997 Batch All India Topper, Jharkhand State Cadre and was moderated by Rajeev Gupta, Curator, TEDxKanke

Audience Questions:

Even if technology is available, what if other resources such as finances are not available for parents to pursue the level of education for their children that they could not achieve?

By Mr Abhishek Kaushal

• The family must prioritize education for the children. The day we start doing this for our children we will start finding ways to meet and save for resources for their education.

• The govt. can also work out schemes to help out people who cannot afford online education. In many states, the govt. is providing tablets and other resources to help poor families meet the educational needs.

• The challenge is huge considering our problems and population. But at the same time, creating awareness around prioritizing education can help families to mobilize resources for their children to access these technologies.

What kept you motivated to not give up your UPSC trials?

By Ms Madhavi Jadhav, Founder, That Make

• I never liked failure. Something that keeps me aspiring is that I do not want to get branded as failure. I wanted to keep trying until I succeeded.

How do you adapt in different areas and departments in gaining knowledge and expertise in that area?

By Mr Pravin Kumar

• Succeeding in any position does not require huge knowledge of the subject, in fact some failure have come become of extra knowledge as it tends to bring in an educational bias.

• To work in a different department, what is required is to understand the objective of the department and have the operational leadership to carry the objectives out. This is always supported by an efficient team who serves the purpose of achieving these objectives.

• The main role for us to adapt in different departments is to be able to take decisions. It is important to identify the hurdles that have stopped the decision making and make progress towards these obstacles by keeping the bigger picture in mind.

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