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Know from Jagdish what is Yoga Competition Scrutiny Automation System

Kolkata | January | 24, 2019 ::  Yoga Competition Scrutiny Automation System (YCSAS) is a web based software which can be implemented in any Yoga competition. The software provides on-screen judgement system by which the participant, guardians, coaches and all audiences can view the marks obtained in each asana performed by participants. The judges use their smartphone to mark the candidates. So soon as the competition for any batch is over, the result can be displayed or announced. It is a very transparent, accurate and paperless process. The overall duration of a competition can be reduced by this system as there is zero delay in calculating results. The guardians and other audiences become happy because everything is transparent to them and there is no error during calculation of result. The system calculates the ranks for all the participants in a particular group. The participants who do not get any position also can come to know their individual marks for the all the asana and hence they will understand and try to improve for the future competitions. In short, the system enhances the quality and standard of a competition.

YCSAS is a very sophisticated and delicate system. To use and execute it successfully you need to plan in advance and extend your hand of cooperation with YCSAS team. The competition event will be very much smooth and successful if the management of organizer and the management of YCSAS team work collaboratively.

Information was given by Arunima Hazara ( Marketing Head, YCSAS )

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