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Raashi Delhi, India | June | Tuesday | 07, 2016 :: Rashi is a young enthusiastic girl who proved that you can always make a mark with your firm belief in your talent and self confidence. When she was asked how did she make this Rashi;s craft world she shared:

“When I was 5, I made my first piece of art that was a CARD for my mother which had all the colors of rainbow. The moment I gave that card to my mother, my mother’s eye was full of tears and she hugged me tightly and said that this is the best gift ever. From that day onwards I become my mother’s Favorite Artist. After that I never stopped, I went on going deeper in thus whirlpool of ART & CRAFT ! I always had this dream of coming up with own line of art & craft. And the dream got its way,after I completed my graduation and that’s how RASHI’S CRAFT WORLD came on Facebook in 2014.
The love and passion for my art and craft is still fresh like yesterday. From heart I am still a 5 year old child who loves to add colors to other person’s life with my WAND of ART & CRAFT

Content by Garima Sharma.

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