Revamping of Education System in Jharkhand – the need of the Hour :: Dr. Ram Singh [ Principal DPS Ranchi ]
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Revamping of Education System in Jharkhand – the need of the Hour :: Dr. Ram Singh [ Principal DPS Ranchi ]

Revamping of Education System in Jharkhand – the need of the Hour :: Dr. Ram Singh [ Principal DPS Ranchi ]

Ranchi, Jharkhand | August | 31, 2017 :: Education is an integral part in one’s life as it is the base of identity of an individual in the society. It creates our existence in this world and develops us as human being of knowledge, culture and behaviour.

Education layers a person with different colours and gives him the ability so that he can mould himself to proceed further in his life as per the circumstances for prosperity.

In today’s time, education earned through books is not considered enough as today’s fast pacing world demands individuals to be equipped not only with theoretical copy book excellence but also calibration grilled with human humane abilities.

In earlier times, the purpose of education was only to develop mere basic educational knowledge and make students capable of handling simple and general issues of life through knowledge among the students to help them know about the overview of life, but in today’s world time has changed and life has become exquisitely complex and world demands individuals blessed with an all round calibration to shower success.

Now a days schools should be continuously and comprehensively active towards giving their valuable contribution in this direction to make students capable not only educationally but also capable to handle life with sensible and reliable approach.

In this context, it is advisable to put stress on various extra- curricular activities to introduce a new structure in education which will be prolific to not only produce students but human beings who will be real assets for the nation.

The concept of Human Library is one such concept to help students to directly come in contact with those prominent persons who are the real role models so that the essence of life can be learned under one roof within minimum time and limited guidance. In this, students will have the opportunity of speak directly with those excellent talents of the country and world who have excelled after lot of hard work will share their lively examples with students to motivate them.

For overall development of students it is necessary that they take part in various cultural programmes like dance competitions which will further literate them about the ancient India and make them internally more sufficient to face the world, schools should further encourage students to take part in physical activities like sports activities, creative activities like painting competition and drama competitions and all these combining together helps in developing a sense of culture and humane components in students which transform them into human beings.

With an objective of an all round character development of students, schools should start soft skill training programmes. The main motto of this programme should be to sharpen the communication skill which is effective not only to face daily day challenges but also professional world with a blend towards human persona.

For overseas opportunities to help and guide students go abroad and take up foreign education and learn about foreign culture, it is advisable that schools to start opening a separate centre for Overseas Education and facilitate this objective

 Today’s fast pacing world demands people blessed with a self dependency attribute to have a multi tasking ability and for this special notice should be given to generate entrepreneurial skills among the students during their school life itself to make them ready for a go getting attitude to be groomed in them.

All these techniques of imparting education in Jharkhand will be an incredible one and it will help students of Jharkhand to get an overall skilful training for achieving success in their educational and professional life.

We believe that a school has lot of areas to touch for its students to help them become a more balanced and responsible person.

We are awaiting to see that the kids should become students to learn and acquire knowledge and then further getting transformed into complete human beings with all potential to handle pressure, and be soft and kind enough towards the mankind. Thus education should not be restricted only to books.

Author :: Dr. Ram Singh [ Principal DPS Ranchi ]

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