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Skill Summit in Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand | January | 12, 2018 :: Skill Summit in Ranchi

 Jharkhand has showed up with something which is beyond imagination. Skill summit 2018 organised in Tana Bhagat Indoor stadium at Khelgaon on the occasion of Youth Day witnessed distribution of more than 27 thousand appointment letters.
Chief Minister Raghubar Das was addressing youths at Khelgaon statdium on the occasion of skill summit 2018 and said that state government has taken pledge to eradicate unemployment. He congratulated more than 27 thousand youth who got appointed today and termed it as ‘A historical moment’. He suggested youths to work with dedication and make Jharkhand prode. Enthusiasm of youths deemed as there is nothing which can stop them from moving forward.

Swami vivekanand’s birthday is acknowledged as Youths day which is being celebrated throughout the country and on the same day Jharkhand is creating history. Our government has delivered its promise by giving employment to 25 thousand youths. Jharkhand is directly participating to fulfill the dreams of H’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New India. He said that when the world is facing crisis of job creation, Jharkhand state government along with private sector providing Job oriented eco system. Today we can proudly state that if you want to see employment, if you want to see development, visit Jharkhand.

Chief Minister recalled his past events and said ‘My father retired from Tata company in the years 1980 at that time I used to do a job with 1500 rupees salary and along with that used to sell coal from Kujju so I understand the pain of being unemployed.’

After taking oath as chief minister of Jharkhand I determined to serve the state by being the number-1 labourer . Chair of Chief Minister is to serve state. He said that Prime Minister want our country to mark its presence in international sphere as skilled India. A team of skilled labour is being prepared which will attract state, national and international Jobs. Our government has decided to spent 700 crore rupees to give training to its youths. He said that Atal ji had once said that ‘Sunrise will overshadow dark’. Jharkhand has a lot of opportunities and ensuing years our country will stand in the list of developed nations.
Chief Minister continued by saying soon there will be foreign building in the state capital. Youths should work outside country through government authorized agencies. If any mishap happens outside our nation, government will give assistance of rupees 5 lakh. Today we are giving employment to more than 27 thousand youth, next years the numbers would escalate to 1 lakh youths.

Union Minister of Petroleum, Natural gas and Skill development Dharmendra Pradhan said that work efficiency of Jharkhand is now at peak. This reflects the image of aware and responsible government. I have come to know that all 24 districts of Jharkhand have Mega Skill Development Centre. This is the vision. I believe Jharkhand will become prosperous. Skill development is the term for fusing modernization with culture of India. He thanked Jharkhand Government for making him a part of this mass movement.

He continued, earlier schemes were made in Delhi and other states used to follow that but now schemes of Jharkhand are being followed by Delhi and other states. If the schemes of central government has been personified anywhere then that is Jharkhand. It is the responsibility of government and people to give facilities and better living standards to future generation. Skill development plays an important role in that. It is the outcome of stable governance of 3 years. Jharkhand will soon start pipeline gas work with that automotive companies will come to Jharkhand.
Education Minister of Jharkhand Neera Yadav said that giving employment to more than 27 thousand youths on the occasion of youth day has emerged as the real image of Momentum Jharkhand. State government has decided to train and provide employment to 1 lakh youths every year. Government is working for the construction of Skilled University. Youths should not get confused. Swami Vivekand has said that students should get education which is beneficial for their overall development, make them independent and develop a sense of social service in them. Prime Minister has also taken poverty as challenge and calls for a movement against it. He also emphasized on skilled human resource.

Skill and speedy implementation has given prominence and state government with assimilating words of prime Minister giving training to youths by selected 49 agencies for skill development training, 263 centers, 22 sectors and 90 trades. She said after Momentum Jharkhand the entire nation is looking forward to Jharkhand with hope.

‘Swami Vivekanand had said “keep going, don’t stop”, State government assimilated his words and working throughout to empower youths, develop people and ensure prosperity of the state’ said Chief Secretary Rajbala Verma on the occasion of Skill summit 2018 organised at Tana Bhagat indoor stadium, Khelgaon. She continued and said that youths of the state has zeal, courage, dreams and aspirations, they are strength of our state and we are proud on them. She cited words of h’ble Chief Minister and said he always says let youths dream, keep their ambition high so they achieve it and set a new record of success. Skill Summit has been organised with the aim to motivate youths.
She said that State government is committed to help youth fulfill their aspirations and participate in economical and social development. State government has made the provision of 700 crore for skill development training to youths. Mega Skill Development Centre has been established. State government has signed MoU with an IT company of Singapore to ensure quality training.
She said that state is leading when it comes to ease of doing business and labour reforms. According to the instruction of Chief Minister a system has been prepared for investment in the state. 195 foundation stone has been led after Momentum Jharkhand Global investor summit organised in February 2017.

Secretary of Higher and Technical Education and Skill Development Ajay Kumar Singh Said that youths are positively energised by Skill Summit 2018. Youths are full of hopes. Tendency to get education and move forward has increased among them. Skill Summit would be a milestone for state moving forward to be skilled Jharkhand. H’ble Chief Minster had projected to appoint 25 thousand youths before this summit and to achieve that he included several schemes of different departments and trained youths. Youths were trained through Mega Skill Development Centre. Programs were organised at schools and colleges, 14 permanent placement centers were established, 210campus recruitment was done and with the help of all these State government gave appointment letter to 27 thousand 842 youth instead of projected 25 thousand.
He said that 5893 youths of Ranchi and 4074 youth of East Singhbum has got appointment letter. Appointments have been done on top 6 sectors and the best recruitment was with the salary of 43 thousand rupees, monthly. State government is continuously putting its effort to train youths, provide them employment and encourage entrepreneurs.

Jharkhand summit
Film Director Subhash Ghai was present in the program and said youths of Jharkhand are blessed with talent and aptitude, all they need is guidance. Jharkhand is creating history. In other countries equal emphasis is given on education and skill development, their education is based on skill development. Director Ghai shared a personal moment and said ‘my father wanted me to do job however I wanted to be the boss, for that I discovered my potential.’ You also need to find your inner talent. I have worked a lot and now I am helping youths about those to inspire.

M.N Singh of Mahindra and Mahindra said that companies need skilled employees for quality services. State government has given an opportunity to its youth so they become role model for future generations. State government should provide skilled teachers for quality education and train youths according to the demand of present time to change the scenario of state.

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