Soumin Kumar Saha - West Bengal
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Soumin Kumar Saha – West Bengal

Soumin Kumar Saha - West Bengal1. Title of the Photo :: || THE SLOW FLOW ||
2. Name of Place where Photo was taken :: Uttarey Village, Sikkim, Near Fishing Hatchery.
3. Photographer’s Name :: Soumin Kumar Saha.
4. Camera Used :: Sony Alpha A58
5. Country  :: Indian
6. State :: West Bengal
7. City :: Kolkata
8. Category of the Photo :: Nature
9. Your Social Sites Link ::
10. About Photo :: This photo was taken in Sikkim. This place is situated near the Fishing Hatchery of the Utteray village in Sikkim. I love this type of photos as the outcome is very very dramatic and the water looks like smooth. To capture these shots, one has to be very very patient and need to compose the shots properly.