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Tasty Bits : Bit #2 :: Jagpreet Kaur ( Thane, Maharashtra )

 Tasty Bits : Bit #2 :: Jagpreet Kaur ( Thane, Maharashtra )
Hello my folks,
I am back with my yet another bit, hope you all are fine.
So as its my second bit I thought to start it with one of my favorite cuisine and that is CHINESE. Well, I guess Chinese is one of the most popular Cuisine in India.
I am gonna take you to a tour of the best Chinese dishes which one should must taste especially those who love Chinese food. Now, lets dive it and see whether you all Chinese lovers have tasted all these dishes which I am gonna share with you.
The first and foremost I will start with a starter, as we always start our food with a starter only. And this is one of my favorite Chinese starter and that is “HOT & SOUR SOUP”.
Well, basically I love soups and as you know I love spicy food, so how can I miss this hot and spicy soup. I must say this soup is full of spices. So if you are not habitual to spices, don’t try! Or if you still wanna give a spicy taste to your taste buds, I will recommend to have this SOUP along with the Soup Sticks. Guyz, I must say this will surely enhance your mood.
Lets go to the second number which is the most, most and the most popular dish, guess what…??? Its NOODLES!!!
This is the favorite of all I think, whether its Schezwan, whether its Cheesy, or whether its Hakka, you will love them all. And not only this, Noodles have lots of variations, I cannot name them all. Well, I am not promoting the brand but I must say that Knorr Soupy Noodles is very popular among teenagers. And ya, recently it has started lots of flavours in noodles also like Masala Noodles, Cheesy Noodles, Schezwan and many more. Must try if you love exploring different tastes.
Now, the third one is DIMSUMS, ever heard guyz??
So it is basically a brunch item mostly taken with tea. They are steamed portions filled with different types of stuffings like custard buns, chicken feet, egg tarts, sweet items or even rice item sometimes. This is a very popular dish of China. And it is a Cantonese[South-Eastern China] preparation.  Well, now if you gonna see dimsums in image, you might think its a kind of Momo, but guyz you are wrong, Momo is a type of dumpling made of dough[flour and water] and its a dish famous in Nepal and Tibet regions and not in China, dimsums are small bite-sized portion snack filled with different types of stuffings which I already mentioned. Its basically referred as “drinking tea”.
The fourth one is SPRING ROLLS.
You must have had this many a times I think. This is a common dish available in most of the restaurants and even in the small shops. Spring rolls are crunchy from outside, with a spicy filling of veggies from inside.Basically, its a type of roll, but bit different. It is a fried dish item.
The fifth one, again a very common dish that is SCHEZWAN CHILLI CHICKEN.
Now, every non-vegetarian must have had this. As you all know, the moment the word Schezwan comes, it means the dish needs to be full of spices. Actually, why the Schezwan dishes are spicy because Schezwan is a type of sauce, fiery hot and spicy, made from dried red chilli, garlic and sauted onions. So if you love spices, do try all the Schezwan dishes, they are delicious.
Now this is a bit rarely heard but it comes under my top ten list of Chinese dishes which one should must have. It contains healthy veggies like Chestnuts, Mushrooms, Sweet Gourd, Cabbage, Broccoli etc . Its made using Black Bean Sauce. Well, Black Bean Sauce is made up of Black Beans, Peanuts, Rice  Wine, Chicken Broth and Corn Starch. So as you can see the ingredients they are super-healthy.
Chestnut as many of you must not be knowing so I am giving you the Hindi Version of this and that is called “Shahbaloot“. These chestnuts are high in Vitamin C, minerals such as Potassium, Copper and Magnesium, Amino Acids and Anti-Oxidants. Well, you can also have these Chestnuts as fried nuts.
The number eight is TOFU WITH FRIED RICE
Tofu also known as bean curd, is a food prepared by coagulating(change to a solid or semi-solid state) soy milk. The presentable format of Tofu is like soft white blocks. It is an excellent source of amino acids, iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that Tofu is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. Well this is a very easy dish to cook as you can make the fried rice, and just marinate the tofu in your favorite sauces and fry them and just mix them with your rice. A perfect lunch item.
On my list, number nine belongs to FRIED RICE WITH WATER CHESTNUTS
Well, Water Chestnuts also called as “Pani-Singhara” in Hindi. To make this dish more delicious and healthy you can add eggs, chicken or meat , peas, carrots etc.
Last but not the least, the Dessert part, how can I miss this!
Well the best dessert of Chinese Cuisine : DATE PANCAKES, the number Ten
Dates, also known as “Khajoor” in Hindi.
The main ingredients are: All purpose Flour, Dates, Honey, Baking  Powder, Milk, Vanilla extract and Butter. Guyz, if you want me to share the recipes of any of this Top 10 dishes of Chinese Cuisine, do leave a comment and I promise to share the recipe with all of you.
Also, do share your favourite dish from the above list, and the dishes which you haven’t tasted yet. I will be waiting for your replies, and I will be back with the next bit very soon, till then keep eating! Please likeshare and comment below.
Stay Tuned! 
Eat Well and Stay Happy!
Take care folks!
Author: Jagpreet Kaur                                         Location: Thane, Maharashtra, India
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