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The 12th Season of Mahindra WarRoom by IIM Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand | July | 22, 2019 :: For the seventh year in row, IIM Ranchi excitedly welcomed the launch of the most awaited, most prestigious and the most participated corporate competition across all B-Schools i.e. 12th Season of Mahindra WarRoom, on 22nd July, 2019 at Mayuri Hall, CMPDI, Ranchi.

IIM Ranchi is amongst the top 22 B-Schools to host this Mega launch event.

Mr. Ronaan Roy, Senior Manager, Corporate Brand Team, Mahindra; Mr. Projwal David, Manager, Employer Branding and GMC Recruitments, and Mr. Akash Parihar, Manager, Employer Branding and capability building; were the guests of honor for this launch event.

The event began with Mr. Ronaan addressing the students. He inspired the audience with historical examples of bad and good designs. He also quoted examples of how Mahindra made moves in business based on the solutions given by B-School students to Mahindra WarRoom case studies.

Talking about the theme of the launch- Design To Disrupt, he discussed examples of where design has helped, like the curvature of the front design of the bullet train being influenced by the Kingfisher bird’s beak. He urged students to not look at innovations just as product innovations, but also service and experiential innovations, innovations in HR, IT and Finance. He went on to engage and ask the audience about the golden ratio, its relation to the Fibonacci sequence and mentioned how it was used in the first I-phone, and talked about its presence in the rotation of sunflower’s petals, and famous monuments like the Taj Mahal.

“If we have to build enduring brands, we have to invest in beauty”, he told students that they will get more advantage out of this competition if they explore how beauty works, and be a fusion of an artist and engineer, the left brain and the right brain. Talking about Steve Jobs, he mentioned that companies that do extremely well on design, statistically outperform rivals. He talked about ten principles of design by Dieter Rams, relating it to the products of Google and Apple, and very interestingly, mentioned the origin of the immortal design of the ‘lota’ or the brass pot in Jharkhand. He drew the attention of the audience further by educating them on the tenets of design thinking- empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test; and urging them to explore it.

Mr. Akash Parihar took the students through the caselets for Mahindra WarRoom Season 12. With each caselet, he involved one and all by briefing them about the business background of each case and explaining the rules of the game.

The event concluded with an interactive Question & Answer session with the students.

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