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The annual Inter-department basketball tournament at XISS Ranchi.

Ranchi, Jharkhand | January | 08, 2020 :: On 8th January, 2020, began the annual inter-department basketball tournament at XISS Ranchi. The sky was covered in clouds but that did not deter the enthusiasm of the crowd as they cheered for their favourite teams. The inauguration ceremony was marked by the inauguration speech by Amar Tigga, Director, XISS and Father Pradeep Kerketta, Assistant Director, XISS. In his speech he said, “The most important aspect of sports is that it inculcates discipline.”
Father Xavier Soreng S.J. and Fr. Ashok Ohol S.J. welcomed the audience. The presence of the different the Heads of Programmes and Faculty Members lifted the spirits of the students participating in the match.

The day witnessed 4 boys team and 2 girls team battling it out in three matches.

The teams and their scores are:
1. Boys match: Finance 1 vs RM 2 :
Winner : RM2 with score of 13-33

2. Girls match- HR vs Finance .
Winner: HRM with score of 12-02

3. Boys match – Marketing 2 vs HRM 2
Winner: HRM 2 with score of 02-22

Amongst the boys, the RM second year played exceedingly well while amongst the girls and boys, the HRM and HRM 1stole the show respectively.

The crowd constantly cheered the teams with fun and catchy slogans and kept the energy high the entire day.

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