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Tree Plantation at Dr. Ramdayal Munda Park.

Ram-Dayal-MundaRanchi, Jharkhand | August | 05, 2016 :: Just 13 days before the month of Shrawan ends, saplings of Sakhuwa were planted around the statue of Late Padamshree Dr Ram Dayal Munda at Dr Ram Dayal Munda Park, Morahabadi Maiden, Ranchi on Friday morning.
As many as 10 plants of Sakhuwa, worshiped by tribals and adored by Late Dr Munda, were planted by his wife Amita Munda, Principal Secretary to Jharkhand Governor Santosh Kumar Satapathy, Senior Journalist Manoj Prasad, Ranchi DFO Rajiv Bakshi, Dr RS Singh and Sports Authority of India’ s coach Vishwanath Singh in presence of a dozen activists and the State forest department staff.

The Park was set up in 2012 in memory of Dr Ram Dayal Munda with many plants including those of Sakhuwa.Over the years,only three of these Sakhuwa plants were alive.

This promoted Amita Munda, Santosh Kumar Satapathy and Manoj Prasad to add more Sakhuwa plants surrounding the statue of Late Dr Munda to honour his deep sentiments for this holy plant.

“I am very happy to have planted Sakhuwa saplings around his statue”,said Amita Munda who looked Eastward to plant each Sakhuwa sapling.

” Plantation is always made by keeping hands and head Eastward.It is eco- friendly and is part of our(tribal) tradition”, said Amita Munda

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