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U-17 National Wrestling Championship & Federation Cup at Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | April  | 17, 2022 ::

The 2022 Under-17 [Cadet] Boy Free Style, Greco Roman Style and Women National Wrestling Championship is being organized at Ranchi [Jharkhand] from 15th to 17th April 2022. On day final day of the Competition, the bouts in remaining 6 weight categories of Women Wrestling were held. The Delhi Women Wrestling Team created history by winning Champion Trophy with 190 points and Haryana was Runner-up with 187 points. The detailed results of today’s competition are given below:

*Women Wrestling

*46 Kg.
Gold       Shurti              DEL
Silver     Sanjivani          MAH
Bronze  Anshika UP
Bronze  Rashi                MP

*49 kg.
Gold      Ahilya       MAH
Silver     Kavita           RAJ
Bronze  Saloni            HP
Bronze  Sweta      KTK

*53 Kg.
Gold      Neha              DEL
Silver    Reena             HAR
Bronze  Dhanshree     MAH
Bronze  Kaveri            KTK

*57 Kg.
Gold       Shiksha          DEL
Silver     Hansaben          MP
Bronze  Anjali               HAR
Bronze  Maya            RAJ

*61 Kg.
Gold      Savita             HAR
Silver     Nikita             DEL
Bronze   Khushi            HP
Bronze  Kashish           UP

*69 Kg.
Gold      Deepika             HAR
Silver     Kirti              UP
Bronze  Siddhi           MAH
Bronze  Mansi          DEL

*Team Position

I             DEL       190 points
II            HAR      187 points
III           MAH      116 points


The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has also re-started to organize the Federation Cup to promote the game of wrestling across the country.

The WFI decided to host Federation Cup in Free Style, Greco Roman Style & Women Wrestling at Ranchi (Jharkhand) from 17th to 19th April 2022.

Top 11 teams of the 2021 Senior National Championship and the host State were invited for this tournament. It was also decided to allow 2 teams of the 2021 Senior National top 3 teams for the Federation Cup.

Apart from the U-17 National, the bouts in all 10 weight categories of Greco Roman Style of Federation Cup were held and the results are given below:

*Greco Roman Style

*55 Kg.
Gold Rupin HAR
Silver. Srikant SSCB
Bronze Vijay SSCB
Bronze Rohit RSPB

*60 Kg.
Gold Sourabh UP
Silver. Sumit CHD
Bronze Parvesh DEL
Bronze Khyali Ram RAJ

*63 Kg.
Gold Ravi HAR
Silver. Ankush CHD
Bronze Sonu SSCB
Bronze Manjeet SSCB

*67 Kg.
Gold Ankit Gulia HAR
Silver. Karanjeet PUB
Bronze Surajmal SSCB
Bronze Amit Kr. RAJ

*72 Kg.
Gold Deepak HAR
Silver. Vishal CHD
Bronze Rahul SSCB
Bronze Vinayak SSCB

*77 Kg.
Gold M. Rafiq SSCB
Silver. Sonu SSCB
Bronze Amit RSPB
Bronze Rohit HAR

Gold Sandeep SSCB
Silver. Yogesh HAR
Bronze Pramod SSCB
Bronze Rajbir RSPB

*87 Kg.
Gold Ravi SSCB
Silver. Sonu HAR
Bronze Deepak SSCB
Bronze Monu HAR

*97 Kg.
Gold Deepanshu SSCB
Silver. Sonu. SSCB
Bronze Viresh Kundu RSPB
Bronze Anshu CHD

Gold Result withheld
Silver. Result withheld
Bronze Madhusudan KTK
Bronze Parvesh HAR

*Team Position

1st SSCB 190 Points
2nd Haryana 188 Points
3rd RSPB 128 Points

The bouts in all 10 weight categories of Free Style and 4 weight categories of Women Wrestling will be held tomorrow.


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