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Know from  Dr Sumita Mukherjee, the Yogic healing for Stammering


Stammering is a neurological condition that makes it physically hard to speak.

Someone who stammers will repeat, prolong or get stuck on sounds or words. There might also be signs of visible tension as the person struggles to get the word out.


Genetics. Most experts agree that stuttering has a genetic component. Sixty percent of all people who stutter have a close family member who also stutters.
Developmental stuttering. Many young children go through a period of stuttering beginning at the age of 18 months to 2 years, as they hone their speech and language skills. This form of stuttering is usually temporary.
Neurological factors. Research has found that people who stutter process language differently than those without the speech disorder. In some cases, there seems to be a problem in the way language is transmitted through the brain . Scientists don’t know exactly why this occurs.
How yoga can help.

Yoga is not one exercise. It is a collection of different static and dynamic postures (or asanas) that focus on every organ and muscle group of the body. It can vary in intensity and difficulty between the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It is an ancient form of workout that benefits every organ system and the nervous system of an individual.

Yogic healing for stammering

Brahm mudra pranayam

Sit quite in padmasana or vajrasana . Normal breathing. Hands in chin mudra. Now deep breathing and turn head to right . Breath out slowly with sound aaaaaaa. Bring your head at centre with aaaaaa sound. Again breath in and turn head towards left.make sound oooooo and again bring head to the centre with hands in chinmaya mudra. Breath in turn head up make sound eeeeee and bring head to the center. Hands should be in aadi mudra and at last again breath in and bring head down touching the chin to the chest . Make sound mmmmm and hands should be in brahmmudra. Repeat it for 5 times.

Tongue twisting

Sit in padmasana or vajrasana. Put some honey on cheeks. Ask the child to touch the honey by stretching the tongue to all sides of cheeks.

Khechari mudra

Sit comfortably. Take a deep breath and breath out then pull the tongue inside and try to touch the palate. Upper side of mouth. Be in the posture for 30 seconds. Slowly increase the timing.

In my next blog will discuss some more problems of school age children.

Dr Sumita Mukherjee
Special educator
RCI registered.

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