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Women in Sport India launches its digital community platform WISI Tribe

Pune  | January  | 27, 2022 ::  On the occasion of the event Women in Sport: Building a community, Women in Sport India (WISI) launched its digital community platform WISI Tribe. The launch was graced by some of the elite minds of sports such as Sharda Ugra (Sports Journalist), Deepthi Bopaiah (CEO, GoSports Foundation), Arshi Yasin (Co-founder & CEO, The Bridge), Aditi Mutatkar (Commonwealth medalist, badminton) and many more. Determined to support women in sports across all levels, Vaidehi founded WISI in 2020. WISI believes in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of good health, wellbeing, and gender equality. “WISI strongly believes in good health, wellbeing, and gender equality. Both of which are very much required in women’s sports today.

We are trying to promote equal opportunities and representation for women in sport by providing them 3 things: Resources & Knowledge, Network and a strong community of women that will support each other and grow.” Says Vaidehi Vaidya, founder & MD of WISI In addition to the pre-existing elements of WISI Programs and WISI Meetups, WISI adds its 3rd element: WISI Tribe. Many women in sport are doing some phenomenal work, but we are all working alone, in silos. If all of us come together, we can help each other and do better. Furthermore, there isn’t an umbrella platform where women in sport can go to gain knowledge, seek advice, and upskill themselves.

When asked how you see WISI Tribe developing and what new avenues should be provided through the platform, the speakers has great answers. Arshi mentions in one of her answers the importance of upskilling courses and mentoring that WISI Tribe will provide, “We want to hire more female candidates, but we seldom get enough resumes. So, upskilling is very important.” “As a platform, mentorship is an important aspect. Mentor-mentee is an organic relationship that will go.  Many think, when I reach the power position then I will mentor someone. That is not necessary.” Says Deepthi Bopaiah. “It is good to sees such platform (WISI & WISI Tribe) where women can share. In the business of sports, it is important to share and also vent at times.” says Sharda Ugra. So, what is the WISI Tribe? WISI Tribe is a Digital Community Platform designed to connect women in sport at a global level. Due to its digital nature, it allows women in sports all over the world to be part of it. It also allows the global exchange of knowledge and connections. Through the platform, WISI offers networking, mentorship, masterclasses, upskilling programs, community huddles, growth toolkits, access to job opportunities and exclusive benefits to our members.


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