Woman World

Women- One of the finest creations in the Universe

Women- One of the finest creations in the Universe

8th March is celebrated
International women’s Day
Wonder why only one day
When women should be celebrated every other day

A world without women
One cannot fathom
Creation unique of the divine
Essence, substance and mettle combined

Taking in their stride
Nuances of their life
Are women of today
Carving a niche for self

A through Administrator
Handles home and office
With ease and elan
With an etiquette that’s spic and span

A great source of strength
True to the supreme word Shakti
With all the might
Is an entity to reckon with

Women are the gifted lot
with a sense of responsibility towards one and all
Think of one stop solution
Women are the one ready with solution

She is all roles
imbibed into one
that of a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister

Surprising it is
at times
how women deal
with it all time

A caring attitude is
all she needs
That’s the time
when she is full of joy

For those she takes
under her aegis
Will lay her entire life
without even a blink of an eye

Here’s a grand salute
to all the women out there
with the blessing
that they prosper everywhere

Here’s wishing all the women the very best of best in life
with bliss and happiness being their inseparable style

Here’s an ardent prayer
for every woman out there
Celebrate womanhood
forever and ever.

Latha S Menon..

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