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Workshop by Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society in Ranchi.

Ranchi, 23 Dec 2011 :: A workshop was organised by Jharkhand State Livelihood promotion Society in Ranchi. The topic of the workshop was Diversifiying and Enhancing Livelihood of Particularly Vulerable tribal Groups.

The theam of the  workshop is to include & mainstream the marginal communities of the society and eradicate poverty from their lives and from the state at large. The two day workshop was devoted for the discussion on the issues and challenges of livelihood promotion particularly among the tribal groups of Jharkhand. A wide range of particulars like senior officials from GOI and government of Jharkhand, academicians, rechearchers and development professions share their experience and the recommendation of the workshop will be used as valuable inputs for designing and implementation of the NRLM[ National Rural Livelihood Mission]in the state.

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