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Yoga is a science that dates back thousands of years, long before any religions or belief systems existed : Dr. Sandhya Shami


Ranchi  Jharkhand  | June | 21, 2022 :: Yoga is an Indian physical, mental, and spiritual discipline that dates back thousands of years. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “to connect” or “to merge,” It represents the integration of body and consciousness. Since it is the longest day of the year, June 21, also known as the summer solstice, was proclaimed International Yoga Day in 2014. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, hosted a virtual celebration on the occasion of the 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY) with the theme “Yoga for humanity.” A wonderful yoga and Pranayama session was conducted for the Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi students. The event was graced by Dr. Sandhya Shami, a seasoned yoga instructor, administration, professors, student council, and the entire student community of the Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi. The celebration commenced with the chanting of shlokas, which set a positive tone for the event. The chief guest, Dr. Sandhya Shami, and students of the inaugural batch of the IPM program, Aanvi Sarin and Rahul Ohariya, conducted the session. While shedding light on the ancient history of yoga, Dr. Shami said, “Yoga is thought to have been practiced from the beginning of civilization. Yoga is a science that dates back thousands of years, long before any religions or belief systems existed. Shiva is regarded as the first yogi(Adiyogi) and the first Guru(Adi Guru) in yogic mythology.” She explained how Adiyogi infused his vast knowledge into the fabled Saptarishis or “seven sages” on the banks of the Himalayan lake Kantisarovar some thousand years ago. This potent yogic science was spread worldwide by the sages, encompassing Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and South America. Dr. Shami educated the students about simple lifestyle adjustments they should make to live a healthy life and advised everyone to practice Trayostambh- Ahara, Nidra, and Brahmacharya for a fruitful life. Later the participants practiced yoga in unison towards better health and wellness. They were informed about the specific benefits of various asanas, such as Tadasana, Trikonasana, Vakrasan, Bhujangasan, Gomukhasan, Bhramari, Anulomvilom, Kapalbhaati, and meditation. They were instructed on how to perform these asanas with the assistance of live demonstrations. Thereafter the students from IPM Batch explained the idea of ashtanga yoga. Aanvi Sarin explained that “Ashta and Anga are two Sanskrit words that make up the word Ashtanga. Ashta means eight, whereas Anga means limb or body part. As a result, Ashtanga combines the eight limbs of yoga into a single, holistic discipline. These eight limbs symbolise the numerous disciplines of yoga philosophy found in the yoga sutras, which serve as the Ashtanga Yoga’s foundation.” The session concluded with chanting omkar and performing hasyasan, invoking a spirit of genuine happiness among the students.

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