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Seminar on good parenting at DPS, Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand | July 23, 2015 :: A seminar on good parenting was organized at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 23rd July, 2015. The prime intention of this seminar was to deal with the nuances of the greatest responsibility entrusted upon us that is parenting. It is not only the greatest responsibility, but a crucial one as well,as it requires specialized skills.

The head of the institution while addressing the gathering clearly stated the significance of this seminar and said that – bringing up children today should always be a joint venture of both the parents and the teachers. Today’s children need constant support and guidance from the parents in order to deal with the problems and technicalities in their life. He was of the opinion that the Role of media, parents and school play an important role in the overall development of a child . It was also stated by him Education does not mean to get high percentage, but also to inculcate those values which will help in making a complete human being.

The parents who attended the seminar came up with questions like how to deal with over consciousness in a child or how to deal with a child if they are unable to take defeat etc. and these queries were beautifully handled by Vishnu Rajgariya (Sociologist), Ms. Anupama Sinha (child physiologist), Dr. Shyam Sidan (paediatrician), Naveen Kumar (Psychotherapist), Dr. Kunal Banka and Ms RajneeKumari. The resource persons unanimously agreed on the point that – the approach of parents in-handling the problems and they should never compare one child with the other. Issues like developmental psychology and abstract thinking were also discussed. The children who were present also came up with several queries and were happy that they were also given an opportunity to speak out their minds.

The seminar was on the whole highly enriching for the parents and they were happy to be well armed with all the skills to carry out this responsibility in an effective manner.

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