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Gambhir donate all organs

New Delhi, Nov 12 : Cricket, considered as a religion in India, people go crazy talking about cricket and cricketers. They admire, follow also treat them as role models. There are a few cricketers who have extended their support to fight against Cancer and other deadly diseases, here is a cricketer, Gautam Gambhir who has pledged to donate his body, has become the first cricketer ever who has come forward with such an activity.

A few cricketers capture the attention of the audience through their performance, fitness, agility on the field and through modesty off it. Such is the case of India’s opening batsman Gambhir, who has pledged to donate his body to a private hospital in Delhi through ‘Gift a Life’ initiative supported by Apollo Transplant Institutes.

“I hereby pledge to donate my kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, small bowel, eyes, lungs and tissues after my death,” Gambir said at the launch of an organ donation website – supported by Apollo Hospital on Friday.

Not just a promotional stunt, Gambhir is extremely cautious of the fact that it is the need of the hour for donating organs, as there is a rising demand for organs, due to a few deadly diseases.

“Thousands die every year for want of organs and I feel through initiatives like ‘Gift a Life’ we can do society good by bridging the gap. I appeal to everyone to make this decision to donate their organs,” added Gambhir.

Gambhir also pointed out that having donated the organs, one feels very happy and the entire family will be happy for being a part of this noble cause.

The talented opener, who recently entered wedlock, is on a mission to create awareness about donating organs, to his family members and fellow cricketers and how the deed is going to help people in future.

Compared to other nations, India has the lowest sonation rate of 0.1 per million population pointing out the desperate need for creating awareness in India. “It is now more than 15 years since the law declaring that brain dead people can donate their organs came into effect in India, yet there is limited awareness that one individual can gift lives to atleast eight patients with organ failure,” said Anupam Sibal, senior pediatric gastroenterologist at Apollo Hospitals.

The talented batsman, after visiting Appollo hospital in the capital, has signed the papers stating that he is going to donate his organs to the hospital after death after the launch of the website. Being a part of this initiative, Gambhir has shown everyone that he is a class apart and has also set an example for youngsters by joining hands for a noble cause.

This shows, the stylish opener, a hero not only in cricket but in real life too. Gautam Gambhir, has stolen the hearts of many with such a noble activity. Let us join hands with Gambhir in creating awareness about donation of organs and help people.

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