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I’m a girl

I’m a girl
I’m a girl and I’m not safe in the nation which worships me
I’m not given freedom in a country which states to be a democracy
I’ve been groped, touched, seen
I can’t wear whatever I want who wants sights of mean
god forbid if something happens, I’m the the one to blame
I’ve been pushed, restricted, tied
i can’t choose my career, the people decide
because come-on who will marry a girl who roams around the world being herself
I’ve been boxed up, silenced, lied to
i don’t want to be heard
i mean what are a girl’s opinions, nobody wants to know
I am a girl and I’m objectified
jokes are made on me if i don’t abide
there are rules which i have to follow
otherwise they won’t think twice before making me hollow
there are deadlines I can’t cross
I’m on watch, society is my boss
The same society that creeps on me
Gives me my chains that keep me company
In the loneliness that I alone feel
In a world where respect for women is reel
They linger around my neck to see me fail
When I do big things they follow my trail
They break my dreams and they hold me back
They make me question if there is something that I lack
But I do not and so I know
I still believe what you reap is what you sow


Arunima Sharma

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