Information Superhighway- New Colony/Settlement /Civilization :: Rajeev Kr Gupta
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Information Superhighway- New Colony/Settlement /Civilization :: Rajeev Kr Gupta

Information Superhighway- New Colony/Settlement /Civilization :: Rajeev Kr GuptaRanchi, Jharkhand | December | Thursday | 17, 2015 :: The Information superhighway or Infobahm is very popular slogan by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modiji and his futuristic idea of Digital India.
No doubt the whole world needs ideas and be precise as it must be best ideas which have sustainable solutions to core issues of every country.
Take the example of our country, India which after independence still carrying heavy loads of social inequalities, economic disparities and corruption at all level in terms of tangible and intangible.
Civilizations from primitive society to now-a-days so called modern society, humans with development program and settlement from rivers embankment to roads and then to railways, everywhere slums and gutters were created. These issues were  never addressed and taken care of those relevant issues of human settlement as in the slums.
The inequalities and disparities are quite tangible in nature in those settlements at Rivers, Roads and Railways.
So Civilizations at these 3 (three) R’s (Rivers, Roads, Railways) must be taken into account as now  we are moving towards creating new Settlement at Information Highway, so this Civilization will have unique features like virtual, flat and boundaryless establishments.
Not visible from all front and backhand archtect be of intangible communication channels like to control us.
The behaviour is going to change and in a different note, an apprehension of transforming human into super-inhuman.
Gutters and slums would be at unique scale and mostly invisible but impact of socio-economic be huge and price and cost be borne by all of us.
I am not pessimistic about future but my request to all. Let us give vibrant thought with all past experiences to make it best civilized society for upcoming generations.

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