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Know from Jagdish, The Importance of Retention of Breathe


According to Yog Darshan written by Maharshi Patanjali in his yoga sutra 34 of chapter one, Those who breathe slowly and deeply are found to live longer.
The Hare breathes Eighty times per minutes and lives for eight years.
The Monkey breathes thirty two times and lives for ten years.
The Dog lives for twelve years and Horse for twenty five years. They breathe twenty nine times and nineteen times per minutes respectively.
Human beings breathe thirteen times per minutes and should live for 120 years.
The snake which lives for 1000 years is found to breathe only eight times a minutes and
The tortise breathes five times a minutes and lives for 3000 years.

This shows the importance of Retention of Breathe.



Author is student to PG department of Yoga Ranchi University, Ranchi.

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