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Media  without  Image,  is  like a body without soul : S.S. Dogra

Delhi | August | 18, 2016 :: Media,  without image,  is like a body without soul. Yes its hundred percent true fact that photography plays very important role in the fields of Media.   Its not a matter of still or video,  the Photography has its own impact in Media.  So, let’s understand what is photography and what are the basic tips taken into consideration while doing good photography.  Well known Photographer O.P. Sharma (who is legend in Indian Photography world) shares an interesting fact that  Oscar Barnic (Germany) has  great contribution in the Photography field because he  invented the Camera & that’s why he is also called the father of Photography.   Sharma ji even  claims that World Photography Day has been celebrating  on 19th August since 1991 every years.

S S Dogra
S.S. Dogra

It is a fact that Photography is not only a a science but also an art. It becomes an art when a photographer takes the pains to explore the wells of creativity that are contained in photography. It becomes a science when the photographer concerns himself with the technical aspects that play a vital role while capturing the   photographs. But at the same time creativity & capturing the moments matter a lot because it’s the spirit which attract the viewers & appreciated by one & all.   Because   creativity     with    intellectuality in  artistic  view is    the   basic thumb rule of   better    photography.

This is mostly because, as an activity, a passion and a profession, photography cannot really be contained. The options or types or branches are really as endless as it can get. Make a preplanned move and read on to know more about the various types or branches of photography.

Let’s  start with Indoor photography that are taken  in a room or studio.  Indoor photography needs good reflector (flash) to get good photography result. Mostly, its like a studio photography where u can generally get your photograph which is  generally used for job or ID card or for Passport purposes.

SS DograAerial Photography : Aerial photography means  those photographs that are shot from a plane, a helicopter, a hot-air balloon, drone  or any other mode of airborne transportation.

Adventure Photography : Ever seen those photographs taken of bikes high in the air? Well, you can thank adventure photography for that. Adventure photography is all about photos of daring feats, climbing a mountain peak,  sports and adventure in general.

Architectural Photography : Architectural photography involves that art or taking aesthetic photographs of properties that help promote the sale of the same.

Astrophotography : Astrophotography stands to signify space photography, or photography that materializes into the confines of reality with the assistance of a telescope.

Black & White Photography : Black and white photography deals with classic black and white shots that throw light on the expressions of people, places, destination.

Commercial Photography : Those pictures that are taken to promote products, services and companies come under the rather large banner of commercial photography. In   other   words,    the    photographs    which      can be helpful   in   advertising   any   products    or   services.

Event Photography : Event photography stands to represent the photographs taken of events that can involve concerts, festivals, parties, engagements, weddings, etc.

Forensic Photography : Photographs taken to help or  solve a crime or work on clues are best described as forensic photography.

Fashion Photography : A photograph taken to promote or publicize fashion falls under the broad banner of fashion photography. Those glossy pictures you see in glossy fashion magazines of models   are best examples of fashion photography.

Nature Photography : Nature photography brings within its folds the various photographs that are taken of birds, animals, plants, the sea, landscapes, fall,  mountains, etc.

Sports Photography : Sports photography is that branch of photography that revolves around photographs taken of sport stars in their live playing action.

Underwater Photography : A photograph that is taken under water with the aid of a water-tight camera falls under the fascinating branch of underwater photography.

Monuments Photography:   This is yet another very important branch of Photography called Monuments photography.  The historical monuments like India Gate, Qutub Minar,  Taj Mahal, Char Minar,  Forts, comes under monuments photography category.

Major significance of photography in  Media

The Light, angle, aperture, subject, object, close up, wide shots, speed, shutter, clicking moments etc. are very important parts to capture a good photograph.  If you have passion, patience,   creativity above all  the ability to clicking the button on right moment than only a good photograph can be taken.  All these above mentioned qualities    make you an outstanding photographer.  Single photograph can reveal the whole story of any incident that’s  why photography has greater  impact or significance in the field of Media and it will remain forever.

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