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Music is aligned with breath : Malvika

Ranchi, Jharkhand  | September  | 23, 2020 :: TEDx Kanke, an independent TED event once again successfully conducted the third session of their webinar series named “The Rise of a New World”.  This session was kept on the theme: “Music- The Vaccine, We Always Had But Forgot to Use”. It was initiated at 4:00 pm on the 19th of September, 2020  on the platform of Zoom and was streamed live on Facebook making it open for all where from where the interested individuals participated.

This webinar session displayed the Trio of Musicians – BAND Dwi who belong to a different niche of music comprising the contemporary, fusion, and semi-classical. They even performed their various compositions before the audience in the live session individually as well as a team raising the  Dwi Band.

TITLE – Music- The Vaccine, We Always Had But Forgot to Use






Dwi is an amalgamation of a lot of musical thought process that has also been associated with many causes. The Dwi, a  popular Hindustani band that was founded a decade ago in 2010 has brought many compositions for Kaveri Calling Movement, India Against Corruption Movement, Say No to Plastic in Bangalore, etc.

This band tweaks the songs and adds their own aesthetic flavor to it that makes them unique on its own. The band has a team of three members namely  –

1.MALVIKA NIRAJAN –  She is the vocalist of the band. She got introduced to the notes of music at the age of 9 in Patna and completed her Alankar from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Delhi. She has an extensive grip on music of her zone for which she teaches others too.

2.PUNEET JOSHI – He is the vocalist and guitarist of the band. Apparently, he is an accomplished artist with more than 25 years of experience, who performed live concerts on different genres including – light, folk, fusion, and rock music exceeding more than 150 in number. He also released 25 original compositions and two music videos.

3.SAUMYA SHANKER –  He is the percussionist and vocalist of the Dwi Band with over 30 years of experience in this zone. He has performed  500 live music concerts around genres like light, folk, rock, and fusion music.

Apart from their own composition, these three artists together have quite popular music songs like; “Yuhi Chala Chal” from the movie ‘Swadesh’, Kishore Kumar song’s like “ek ajnabee hasina thi”, etc.

Music: An Internalized Faculty | By Malvika Nirajan

In this webinar session, Malvika talked about music and its effect, especially about vocal music. She started by performing a small live session before the audience followed by conveying the impact of the wordings of the song on human life.

?95% of people in the world are wired with music and music has been my companion, all along.

?I would say there are rather 12 notes of music than 7 as the notes have a different variety too.

? Music is aligned with breath. It makes people feel at the cellular, deeper level of within. It helps us to achieve non-musical goals as well.

?Now, science is even validating it. I learned an online interesting course called – music cognition that opened my broad mindset towards the neurological method of how we perceive music.

? Our cognitive skills are influenced if we learn music or even listen to it. It alters our day to day behavior.

?Music  therapy too is coming on a big scale to heal us. It has shown miraculous revolutions in the life of people who were suffering even from severe ailments.

?Vocal music has been given a unique status as here when you learn it the own body becomes the instrument and it is involved with the mind in the music.

?At last I would say that music is a very powerful tool and the most invasive procedure to heal a person.  It reaches the core of an individual’s being and creates an effect a person wants to live with. Thus,  helps to connect better with the people.

Involvement in Music | By Puneet Joshi

?Music plays a vital role in our life. My father was a classical singer and my mother used to play the radio every time from where I got introduced to music. However, unfortunately, I couldn’t learn anything from my father.

?I did not train myself formerly on the guitar. It was an exploration for me where I would develop various rhythms for Indian music.  With this process, I got involved way too much into music.

?100 years from now there were no headphones when people used to listen to music live. I would recommend people to go more on live concerts than listening to music on earphones where they could actually get involved in it and realize the whole universe is open to them.

?As per my analysis, a  particular involvement in music, a piece of music, or a genre of music is dependent on the duration of the music piece.

?Essentially, music is about the fundamental sound for which Indian Classical music is the best fir as it has more sounds than lyrics that effects all of us to dive deeper into music.

? Never restrict yourself from getting involved in music, thinking yourself to be not so good singer or musician as music is a personal experience.

?I would sign off with a note encouraging people to get involved more into music if you are not already. Play instruments, sing a little, hum a little, play flute, or do whatever you would like to and see the difference that music can do to you.

Impact of Music |By Saumya Shanker

?Music is not something that will make you reach a level. It is always a mirage, the more you reach the position, you will know the next goal.

?I belong to the city of Kanpur which in its own quiet way has a pot of culture and music. I grew up here attending different concerts of Hariprasad Chaurasia, Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar Rao, etc.

?Kanpur brings a lot of instruments and genres of music, the variety is in its nerve that struck me when I was a kid and my parents helped a lot in this. My father has been a wonderful singer and my mother used to play tabla and guitar, and I am honored to have them.  So, I would say, music inevitably came into me.

?I and my family have been associated with music for a very long time. My forefathers were a lot into music and my grandmother was an eminent folk dholak player. The day my mother gave me a bongo to play, I realized that music comes naturally into the veins.

?One can call music as a vaccine but the fact is that it creates a fundamental defense inside us. It is almost impregnable because all the time we are living and breathing different things and music tells one to view all life situations in a different kind of mirror.

?Music is like a kaleidoscope, every time one looks into it, one finds it to be something different. And this is the beauty of music.

?Music also ensures that the country stays in a single piece. It brings thought procedures that are impacting minds. Music is a certain process to the whole thing.

Questions by Audience

1.We see a trio here, so how did Dwi come into existence? Why Dwi?

Answer – Life is full of duality. Music is based on two pillars – “sur” and “tal”. So, we thought “Dwi” to keep as it has a very  beautiful sound to it.

2.What does Dwi mean to all three of you?

Answer –  When we met 10 years back, we were doing music independently in our zone.  Suddenly, all three were together and heard each other play. We then planned to come together as it produced a full sound for music. We tried some gigs and it turned out to be really good. It worked with pure acoustic sound. Therefore, we stuck on it and carried it out.

3.You were the only band from India to represent in the festival of New Zealand and Ocland. How was the experience?

Answer –  It was far different from what we had ever set out to achieve.  There was a mix of around 70 from different places. It was a wonderful experience but the best two things that satyed with us were the thunderous applaud and tricolor waving at our backs.

4.Is rythm responsible for healing or is it the effects of different ragas? (By Anand Gupta)

Answer –  It is not rythm alone or raga alone, it is rather the combination of both because rhythm is essential and raga has various notes that touches us deep within.

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