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You & Me

You & Me
I look up to the moon,
sitting at window in this house,
walls of which have managed to hide you from others,
the moon today,
is hollow on the left,
just the way you’ve made me,
the spots on its beauty are similar to the ones you gave me,
now I recall our first meeting,
we shook hands, you climbed upto my shoulders, laid your hands on my mind, took control of my limbs and hypnotized my soul,
you found home under my bed, accompanied me to my play, chased me to school and sat beside me learning to find the X,
I couldn’t answer my mom when asked if I cried last night,
some hair strands have turned light,
Oh no!
and my smile,
my smile is not that bright!
need to spill our secret, have so much to talk but I won’t, ’cause this voice inside me shouts, shh…shh…DON’T!
for I would be misunderstood,
misunderstood for seeking attention,
filling this atmosphere and their mind with strange tension,
mom says that you’re all in my mind,
as if pointing to the solution and not the problem itself,
my friends ask me to cheer up, stop stretching you out,
but it’s YOU who’s stretching, is all I want to shout,
and boys!
boys copy google to get me flattered,
little knowing that right now, all I am is shattered,
they say, for I am so young, you’re only reel,
I guess pain can only be understood by the ones who actually feel.

Author  : Arunima Sharma.

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