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Omkar is the journey of Akhand with existence :: Dr Mayank Murari

Omkar is the journey of Akhand with existence

Every element in this world has its own sound. Life has its own voice. The murmur of rivers, the rustle of trees, the gust of wind, the friction of music, is the language of man.

On the same lines, with the development of civilization, man has named God as well. He was called by different names. All the names of God are given by humans. Not only this, the name of every element, object and creature of the universe was also given by the human. That’s why we have given a name to God as well. But that is our name, our voice. There is no fragrance of existence in it. There is no consent of that God in this. We just believe that he is God. He is Ram. He is Brahma, Allah, God.

With the development of civilization, sages learned through penance and meditation that there is a voice in this existence. The sound of this vowel is Omkar. It is a sound that has been resounding since the beginning of creation without any injury. Its sound is coming out without any trauma. This is ‘Anahat Naad’. Our every voice is lost, because it is born out of injury. They are the friction of our throat, palate, tongue, teeth and mouth. Friction has its own time limit. It vanishes. Whether it is the wave of the ocean, the sound of a waterfall or of any living being. Indian Manisha said that Omkar i.e. Om is such a sound that was not born. It is emerging from the birth of the world. It is one with existence.

The goal of Indian self-realization is to listen to this figure. The meaning of meditation is to be one with the form. Life means to be united with existence. After meditation it was said that this existence is the condensed form of sound and its nature is like Om sound. This conclusion was drawn after an introspection in Indian philosophy. Western philosophy, on the other hand, traveled to the external world. He said that creation is a combination of matter. Matter is made up of molecules, atoms. An atom is the basic element, whose nature is like electricity. Science says matter and its subtlest form is electricity. Yoga says consciousness and its subtlest form is sound. In the search for yoga, sound is consciousness, but in science matter is inert and electricity is also inert. That’s why we said that Omkar is the ultimate form of sound. This Omkar is Om, Amen. It is vast. Its greatness made the words omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent in English. Om is omnipresent, omnipresent and omnipotent in existence. It is on all the time. Om, that sound, that electricity is God.

This sound is within us. resonating within. It is inextricably linked with existence. When it resonates within, it is the soul. If it resonates outside in the world and the other world, then it becomes huge. The search for this greatness in life has been going on since the beginning of civilization. Everyone goes on this great journey through the inner journey. Different names, different routes. Pathey one. Unbroken’s journey with existence. Everyone reaches there. That’s why Indian Manisha said that Ek Satya Vipra Bahudha Badanti. Some call it nirvana, some mukti, some kaivalya, some something else. Some followed the path of Krishna, some of Buddha, some of Jesus and Moses, some of Muhammad, some of Kabir and Nanak. These are the ways. There are as many ways as there are creatures. He is always present at the end of every path. Everyone’s method of discovery will be different, no matter how old the way they observe. Follow up Nanakdev ji’s priceless promise is – Ek Omkar Satnaam. Only one Omkar is the truth and that is the truth. He is Sat, that is, he is today, was yesterday, and will be in the coming tomorrow. Only that exists. Everything else has to end. Be it an object, sound or name. Vedic sages called this thing as Om Tat Sat. It means that God is the bearer of life force. And this life force is present in the whole universe in the form of Om. Because of Omkar’s central role in the soul and life, sages added Om at the beginning of their hymns. Vedic hymns begin with Om, which means that the beginning of all our knowledge, all sounds and our experiences is the sound Om. The sages listened to the hymns, but did not speak. For this reason the Vedic scripture was also called Shruti.

It is because of this internal sound or electrical energy that we can speak. We take the help of Om to connect with existence. Although it is always with us. We breathe. Let’s go this Omkar sound is always coming from deep within us. This is a signal to wake up. That God gives the message through this that the time has come to wake up. We stop that voice by finding a trick. We postpone the voice of the conscience and its message for tomorrow. Buddha also said in his teaching after seven years of meditation that he is always sitting inside. We run outside. Find it within yourself. On the question of Yashodhara, Mahatma Buddha said the same thing that it was not mandatory to leave the house for the search of ‘Paramatva’. His voice is emerging every moment in our voice. But inside there is so much noise of words, so many sounds that our mind is not able to hear the difference and keeps on wandering. After addressing Mahatma Buddha, his disciples asked what did you get after self-realization? He said nothing was found. What was found was always present. He had already met. He is within us.

Today there is noise of language in the world. There are many words. Books are numerous. Thoughts are innumerable. Everyone has become knowledgeable because of this. In this noise of knowledge, we have forgotten our own self.


Dr Mayank Murari

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